Why Timeshare Resale Scams Don’t Deliver


Have You Fallen For A Timeshare Resale Scam?

Chances are that if you are reading this article you have or are weighing the consequences of signing up for one of these scam programs.  In this article, I will be taking you through the ins and outs of these resale programs.

I will be showing why this kind timeshare scam will cost you thousands as it did for me and the best way for you to sell your timeshare.  So if you are looking to resell your timeshare read on.


What is a Timeshare Resale Company?

A timeshare resale company is basically a listing site that advertises your timeshare on their network, for a fee of course.

Back over a few years ago,  I was desperate to sell my timeshare.  Then one day I heard an ad on the radio talking about Timeshares Resale Company.  So I called and talked to them about selling my timeshare.  They informed me that the fee would be $600.  A bit high but after long consideration, I decided to do it anyway.


My Results With Signing Up To Timeshare Resale Company

After signing up I figured within 3 to 6 months I would easily have my timeshare sold or at least a few offers on the table.  After 6 months I didn’t even have so much as a phone call.  I hadn’t heard a word out of them.

So I decided to call and get some answers.  This was a task in itself.  The company explained to me that they just advertised my timeshare in their database and were not actually real estate agents.   They did nothing to help sell my timeshare property.

Why Timeshare Resale Companies Are A Scam

The reason why timeshare resale companies are a scam is that once they get you to pay their big upfront fee they don’t have any kind of reason to deliver a result you.  Think about it.  If a real estate agent was selling your home and he couldn’t sell it would he get paid?

Not a chance,  but with timeshare resale companies they collect the fee upfront because even they know that they can’t even sell your property.  This is a lesson I learned only after I fell for this scam a second time.


The Timeshare Market Pro Scam

Once you sign up for one of these timeshare resale scam sites they all want in on a piece of the action.  To this day I still receive calls from these scammers asking me if I would like them to sell my timeshare, and I don’t even own it anymore.

However, I got a call from a guy named Doug almost a year after I signed up with timeshare resale company.  He worked with another timeshare resale scam company called Timeshare Market Pro.

He proceeded to explain to me that my current timeshare resale company would never sell my timeshare and that their company could. He explained that they will bring in potential buyers to show off my timeshare to.  So I gave it a shot and signed up, again spending nearly $500 to get on this list.

Timeshare Market Pro also informed me that my timeshare market value was worth three to four times what I was trying to get out of it. Over the next 6 months, I waited and again got nothing.  So again I called the company back was connected to their operator who informed me that one of their representatives would call me back and update me on the status of my timeshare.

They never called back.  At this point, I realized I had been ripped off again by another timeshare resale scam.

What I Learn About Timeshare Resale Companies

#1 Never pay upfront fees. Altogether I paid around $1100 to fees to these companies and have seen nothing in return.  You could say that Timeshare Resale Companies are the biggest legal scam that I know of.

#2 Don’t believe what they tell you. These companies will tell you anything just to get you to sign up.  As with the Timeshare Market Pro Scam, I was told I would see several bids within a month.   They also promised a bunch of extra free stuff just for signing up.  I never saw either of these.

#3 They use hard selling tactics to get you to buy. Most of these companies will also use hard selling tactics to get you to buy.  They will keep you on the phone as long as it takes to get you to buy.  Don’t fall for it, tell them you sold the timeshare and hang up the phone.  This way they won’t call you back.

#4 They don’t REALLY sell your timeshare. Timeshare resale companies don’t really sell your timeshare for you; they just list it like an ad. Here’s the good news though you can sell it for a lot cheaper on other ad networks for next to nothing. I will explain in the next section.


How To Sell Your Timeshare Yourself

Follow these steps and you should be able to sell your timeshare.  You may not make what you got out of it originally but at least you won’t have to deal with those maintenance fees, interval fees, and any other charges. In order to sell your timeshare, you need to understand that your timeshare resale value will never be what you bought it for.

In most cases, you will only get about 10 cents on the dollar of your original purchase price.  I know this is hard to accept but the quicker you can do that the quicker you will be able to sell your timeshare off.

Last but not least before I start if you have a mortgage on your timeshare you will have a more difficult time in selling your timeshare.  If you can at least get out of your timeshare what you still owe on it I would take it.  You’ll be lucky to get more than that.

So if you’re ready and accept what I’ve told you to read on.


#1 Call your timeshare resort

Tell them you want to sell your timeshare and would like the necessary paperwork to do so.

At this point, you can also ask them any questions about what you should do if you find a potential buyer.  This way you can make the transaction smooth and quick.

#2 Advertise your timeshare

I would start with Craig’s List and eBay.  Craig’s List is free so I would start there first.  Keep your price low so you can attract a lot of bidders.  If that doesn’t work try eBay.

You will have to pay to advertise your timeshare but it will be a lot cheaper than those timeshare resale scams I mentioned earlier.

#3 What if you can’t sell your timeshare

When you’re trying to sell your timeshare some locations will sell better than others.  For example, Florida has a tough market to sell your timeshare in.

On the other hand, Hawaii is much easier to sell in.  With limited supply and beautiful view, it’s no wonder these resorts sell a lot easier.

#4 Ask for a buyback option

If you’ve made it to this point you may be desperate to sell your timeshare.  With no bids and the maintenance fee due soon, call your timeshare resort back and ask if they have a buyback option.

This is where the actual resort buys your timeshare back for a fraction of the price.  In my example, I bought my timeshare for $4500 and did a buyback option 5 years later and got only $400 back for it.

It was a rip-off but it was better than paying another year of maintenance fees.


Have You Ever Had Luck With Timeshare Resale Companies

I have never heard of anyone having any luck with any of these Timeshare Resale Companies like Timeshare Market Pro.

So I will challenge this if you have ever had any luck with any of these companies leave a comment and tell me about it.  I would love to know if one of these timeshare resale scams have ever worked.

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  2. It’s a fact that timeshares are difficult to resale, but certainly not impossible. Regretfully, there are resale companies who take one’s money and do nothing. To lump all companies that resale timeshares into that group is just not accurate or truthful. It seems that you are recommending that the timeshare owner should just practically give their timeshare away (throw money away and go through an effort to do it)before they should put some of that money towards letting professional timeshare specialists attempt to make a sale. I think it’s worth the chance to sell your timeshare for something using a reputable company. That would be a company that can demonstrate their clients are making sales and can offer more than just advertising. Look for the proof first. And, in answer to your question, my Dad did actually sell 2 of his timeshares using the services of http://www.TimeshareAdventures.com. He liked the fact that interested buyers were shopping at their site because they knew they wouldn’t have to pay any commissions or closing fees. It did work for my Dad.

  3. Mary,
    First, thanks for commenting. Second, I don’t disagree with you their are some credtable companies out there. It just happened that I bought into 2 specific companies that didn’t do anything except take my money. However the question is what is a credtable company and which is not? Maybe the company you mentioned is better than most, I don’t know I just know about the companies I’ve been scammed with.

    Also I’m glad that your dad was able to sell his timeshares. My question for you is, what did he origanally pay for his timeshares and what did he get back out of them when he sold them?

  4. It is very important to know the dilemmas and possible problems in buying timeshares before they decide to buy. You need to make sure that you price you timeshare right. You may want to get an appraisal on your timeshare from a reputable company. I’m glad that there are tips and ways to avoid such problems and conflicts with timeshares.

  5. Brenda,
    I wish only I heard this all when I bought my timeshare. They seem to make everything look so great but their is always a down side to buying a timeshare. Whether it’s maintance fees, exchange fees or some fee you have to keep with your exchange company they make their money in the end.
    Also thanks for the comment I look forward to hearing more form you.

  6. If your property is advertized on a website. The website is doing exactly what it should be doing. Timeshares sell on this listing sites everyday. The companies that don’t advertize on the internet and just have a website are the ones that steal your money and do nothing. I would like to see someone compani about putting an advertisement in the newspaper for a year, which would only get a percentage of the exposure the internet gives and then complain the newspaper did nothing to sell it. People buy timeshares off these websites every day. The companies are not the scam, the problem is the piece of garbage you bought. Atleast with signing up, you have a chance.

  7. I myself had worked for a company such as this a while back. They sold resale services to owners for thousands of dollars and never did a thing to fulfill the agreement. I became so good at it (unfortunately) that I quickly got bumped into management and got to see how things worked behind the curtain. I was not impressed with what I found, but it was a paycheck and I did it. I did however learn all of the ins and outs of the timeshare resale business. About a year ago, I was really down and out, unemployed and not very happy with myself. I attributed the bad luck to all the wrong I had done to people as I believe in karma heavily. With a background in writing and graphic design, I decided I was going to help people get their money back from timeshare resale companies that scam their clients. So I posted a website with a free guide on how to get your money back. I hope people read it, and it helps, because karma is a pain. 🙂 Good luck to all.

  8. Blake,
    Great story, I’m glad their are people like you out there fighting for those that are getting burned by the scammers that you once worked for. I have gotten burn by two of these companies and lost over $1200 to them. I can personally say it was one of the biggest financial mistakes I’ve ever made. I may not be able to get my money back but at least I can share my story with others so they don’t get burned like I did.

    I also had a chance to look at you website and free guide you put together and I’m very impressed. So much in fact I am going to put a post together about the free guide because I feel it is so important people know that this great information is available to them. The post will be up later this week. I will also link back to it from this article as well.

  9. It’s sad to say that the timeshare owners wanting to get rid of their properties are very vulnerable to these scams as most of them are desperate already in getting rid of their timeshares. The Timeshare Relief Inc. gives hope to these owners to eventually dump that timeshare intelligently.

  10. Thanks for the comment, timeshare resale companies have burned a lot of desperate consumers like myself for years now. I also had a chance to check out your site Timeshare Relief and found it very informative.

  11. How can I get out of my timeshare with Westgate. We tried two companies that said they would be able to sell it. One said that we could rent out week. Well they both did neither. We have paid it for over 1 year. I have had some medical issues. We can barely pay our bills. Westgate called and said they will call every week and after one month they will give it to people who will call more. We bought at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. It is not even open yet and I am sure they can sell it again. They said too bad. They do not do that. What can they do to us and what can we do to be sure they cannot ruin our credit. Things are hard enough right now. HELP !!

  12. Fran,

    I know exactly what your going through. I’ve been in your shoes before and know how depressing things can be when you can’t sell something that is only dragging you deeper in debt. First off, the timeshare resale companies are a rippoff. I have never seen one deliver what it said it was going to do.

    Second, you said you’ve been paying on your timeshare for a year. I’m assuming you don’t have your timeshare paid off yet. So the timeshare company will probably be hesetant to do a buy back option.

    Third, look into selling your timeshare on eBay. EBay has great buyers guide you can check out here that will walk you through how to sell your timeshare on eBay. You can check that out here: http://pages.ebay.com/realestate/timesharesellerguide.html

    Find out how much you owe on your timeshare and shot to pay off as much as you can on the amount owed. You may have to make a short sale, this is a sale where you sell for less than the amount owed. You may still have to make payments but at least you’ll have it sold and won’t have to make any more maintance fees.

    Finally, check out my post on a free ebook you can get to help you get your money back from the scandalous timeshare resale companies. Getting your money back from these companies will definaltly help your financial situation. Although it may take some time but it’s worth the shot. Check that guide out here: https://stumbleforward.com/2009/08/19/the-guide-to-getting-your-money-back-for-scandalous-timeshare-resale-companies/

    Give this a shot and let me know how it goes.


  14. The Guide to Getting Your Money Back webpage link no longer exists. Do you know of anywhere that has that information archived?

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  16. I work for a reputable Brokerage, but we only handle WorldMark by Wyndham Contracts. No upfront fees. There are others who do not charge fees, but sadly we make alot less money than the crooks who are taking over the internet…do your research on a company before talking to them or giving them money. BBB certified does not mean anything. An A+ rating once verified means ALOT however. Do your research and if they have an AD ON TV, they are probably not reputable, In my opinion/experience.

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  18. Good to see a good community of timeshare owners tackling this problem. We are about to get started with Timeshares Recovery Only where we try to reclaim some, if not all the money lost to timeshare scams. Hopefully we can bring some power back into the hands of timeshare owners.

  19. Thanks David,

    I would hate to think of how many people including myself who have been ripped off by a timeshare or timeshare resale company. Your website may prove to be a powerful asset to those wanting learn more about the industry.

  20. John, thanks for commenting back I had almost forgot. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and I just can seem to locate it. I wish I could do more to help.


    United States

    Many Florida timeshare sale and rental companies under fire

    Florida has launched a war against the timeshare resale industry, announcing Thursday ongoing investigations into 17 companies, as well as a lawsuit against one company.

    In 2009, complaints about timeshare resale companies overtook mortgage-related complaints reported to the Florida attorney general.

    The attorney general also filed suit against South Daytona-based ResalesBuyOwner.com, its third suit in recent months against timeshare resale companies. Allegations against ResalesBuyOwner.com are that the company forced customers to pay up-front fees for services that were never provided. The company charged customers’ credit cards even after they decided not to do business with ResalesBuyOwner.com, the suit says.

    The office has also filed suits against American Marketing Group and Hicks Inc., both based in West Palm Beach.

    Some 17 companies, many based in South Florida, have been subpoenaed because of complaints about deceptive business practices. Customers have said some of the companies failed to honor cancellation policies, misrepresented the services they would provide and failed to comply with some parts of state and federal telemarketing acts. They include:

    • Executive Timeshare Marketing in Tamarac.

    • Coastal Timeshare Solutions in Boca Raton

    • Worldwide Resorts Direct and Worldwide Marketing Solutions of Palm Beach, doing business as Worldwide Timeshare, in West Palm Beach

    • TS Luxury Group in Lake Worth

    • C&G Marketing Associates, doing business as Premier Timeshare Solutions in Palm Beach Gardens

    • Nationwide Marketing Solutions, doing business as Magnum Advertising Services in Lake Worth

    • International Resort Solutions in Lake Worth

    • E.A.T. Sales in Boca Raton

    • Euroamerican Timeshare in Boynton Beach

    • Transatlantic Timeshare in Boynton Beach

    • Seabreeze Advertising Corp., also known as SBA Corp. in Daytona Beach

    • Timeshare Market Pro in Davie

    • International Marketing and Finance in Wellington

    • Gold Crown Property Management in Dunedin

    • Vacation Property Resales doing business as BUYATIMESHARE.COM in Tampa

    • Timeshare Only in Orlando

    • PFS Concepts, Inc., doing business as US Vacation in Largo

    Already, the state has settled with seven timeshare resale companies, including about $100, 000 for customers of World Timeshares of Deerfield Beach; about $90, 000 from Timeshare Travels of Boca Raton; $36, 000 from Preferred Vacation Resorts of Clearwater; $26, 000 from D&D Vacations, doing business as United States Property Services, of Largo; about $37, 000 from S.F.C. Group, doing business as TWA Resale, of Orlando.

    On Thursday, the state noted one of its largest settlements with a timeshare resale company. Virtual Group of Orange County, which goes by the name Realty Trade, has paid $800, 000 in refunds to customers and will pay $500, 000 to customers who request refunds in the future.

    If you are planning on selling or renting your timeshare or would like help getting your money back from any of the above companies please contact 954-324-6045. Please leave a detailed message including your name, phone number and best time you can be reached.

  22. Has anyone ever heard of Corporate Resort Specialists out of Las Vegas NV? They claim to have Fortune 500 companies that are purchasing luxury items for a tax break. I am NOT sending them the 2K they requested until I am able to substantiate the claim. Not able to find the co. when I search, nor on the BBB website.

  23. Kelly,

    I’ve been getting calls from this place (Corporate Resort Specialists) for a couple weeks now. I spent a lot of time on the first call since it sounded plausible for a while, but when the “manager” gave me totally unrealistic valuations for my holdings I knew it was probably just another scam. I asked them if I would have to spend any money up front, and when they said I would, I know for certain it was a scam.

    If any corporations were really interested in buying our timeshare weeks/points, they could easily handle it with binding contracts (like you would for a house) and have all the monies settled at a closing company. You can buy/sell ANYTHING with a closing company or a legal firm without up front money.

    Any, by the way, CRS has called me several more times, each time with increased hostility and rudeness. Need any further proof?

  24. Charlie, I thought I would mention I got a call recently from a Florida government office claiming that the timeshare resale company Timeshare Market Pro went belly up and that they were letting me know that the company was a scam and that they were liquidating the company and sending me a check back for the amount I originally paid to them. I don’t know if this was a scam or not either but we’ll see what happens.

  25. Hello Kelly and Charlie,
    I too just got a call from Corporate Resort Specialists and got an outrageously high offer to buy some points (not interested in selling the property, just some points that I am unable to use right now) also got the spiel re corporations buying and getting tax write offs, and the $2K that I would have to put out up front and get it reimbursed with the wonderfully high price for some points in 90-120 days. While researching on the web- this is the only site that mentions them by name. When I asked the rep what I would find if I were to search for them on BBB, he suggested I go to dun & bradstreet website- they have them listed as Corporate Resorts, Inc out of Las Vegas, NV at the same address he gave me. The company name is not the ‘exact’ same as the one he said, I asked him 3x what the company name was: Corporate Resort Specialists. Still can’t find any other info…anyone else had any dealings with them or have any info?
    Also Art, thanks for the listing you provided, some of the companies on your list have been phoning me as well.

  26. I just received another call from Corporate Resort Specialists. The same thing about looking at dun @ bradstreet for their info. I did the same, looks at BBB and they are not accredited. I own 1.5 million wynhdam points and they offered me over 300,000 but I would have to send 7500 for legal paper work, but they were unwilling to give me any receipt, but they wanted me to say on the recording that I understood that the property wasn’t sold. They said I couldn’t say it was sold until I paid them the money. They gave great words that sounded good, but when I begin to question things, they got smart and rude. They were planning to send Fedex to pick up my check. 75 dollars for 7500 dollars (not a good deal for me). I not sure if this company would have came thru, but I am not willing to risk 7500 to see. They would not even email me an example of what I was paying for. I asked what if I hired a lawyer and they sent him/her the paperwork and I paid him/her at the same time I receive paperwork – their answer was no. It is hard for me to trust people wanting upfront money who are unwilling to provide you with the information that that money is going for before you send the money.

  27. In the past 2-3 mos we have had 4-5 timeshare resellers call…all scammers. The latest one however had a different pitch, they were a Closing Settlement Corp. for Shell Vacations. They didn’t want any upfront money, however…there were closing costs and title searches etc. that would cost money. Mr Brewer…he called himself, was a slick talking bullcrap guy who called back because the initial bull crap guy didn’t have his story straight. Mr. Brewer had a solid offer from a reputable corp. I asked some questions as I wanted to check him and his company out…NO GO! He pressed to have his ridiculous offer accepted, didn’t want me conducting any due diligence. So all I have is Donovan Brewer 1-877-484-3027- ext 154. Claimed that his company is a Closing Settlement Corporation for Shell Vacations, but I suspect that it would be a closing settlement corp for wherever you have your time share. Also said his office was in Atlanta GA. So… 6 or so calls over the last 2-3 mos. and all scams! 90% of the crap (talk) that they throw at you is not true, they try to get you to agree to it because in most instances you don’t know better. Don’t believe or agree with anything they say.

  28. The owner of this site put out a challenge calling on anyone who has had some success in selling their timeshare property through what I call scamers and the only other person that said anything close was someone that claimed that the dad sold two properties. Noticed that this individual said – the dad not them! If we cannot find someone to actually talk about their experience with these “scammers” and confirm that it actually all worked out with supporting references and maybe documentation, then, in my opinion, I can only conclude that ALL TIMESHARE MARKETING COMPANIES ARE JUST SCAMMERS! Anyone can do whatever they choose but this will be my statement and I am sticking to it!

  29. I have dealt with numerous companies in the past year to sell my
    timeshare. I have paid numerous companies up
    front like a fool. I contacted the State
    Attorney Generals Office to see what or if I could do
    anything about it and was given some info on a company
    that is working within the guidelines with
    the Attorney Generals Office than I contacted the
    Chamber of Commerce. So after being skeptical I called this company and
    told the guy my story, he had me fax over info from the previous companies I dealt with. He placed a conference call to my Visa and helped me get credited back the entire amount I had paid timeshare market pro and icare
    timeshare. He than explained he could sell my property but I would have
    to pay up front so I thought he we go again. After gettin credited my
    money back I took a shot in the dark I paid the company $1997 they deferred $900 until I sold the property. I contacted the company and my rep once a week. They were able to sell my property in 57 days and get me back money
    I spent with other companies. I still cant believe
    I sold it and didnt have to pay clsoing
    costs or any other fees. If anyone needs help gettin their money back or selling their property please let me know I can give you the cell phone number
    to the guy would sold mine. So after all these scam I finally found a legit company
    and got the job done.

  30. I, too, am looking to sell our Wyndham time share points. It is not that we do not use them and enjoy the travel, but the expense is getting to us. I think we could travel and enjoy great locations without putting out the monthly maintenance fees incurred through the timeshare. We have been contacted by a company called, “Corporation Resort Specialists” out of Las Vegas. They are not a listing company, but insist they have corporate buyers looking to spend “tax deductible” money for properties to entertain clients, hold conferences and give to charity. I can’t seem to find anything about them. Can you help? Of course, they want money up front!!

  31. We have an appointment today with Transfer America which also operates under the name of Timeshare Relief, inc. Their letter claims ” We provide a contractual agreement that gurantees the transfer of the resort out of your name and 100% satifaction gurantee in writing.” They also list a number of “Credentials & Awards” as Inc. 500, BBB, D&B, ARDA etc. Has anyone dealt with these companies and if so are they just another scam? We realy only want to get rid of the time shares. We don’t owe money and fees etc are current. We will gladly just hand them over, but I don’t want to pay them to do so.

  32. In response to MJ May 27, 2010 at 6:02 pm …. Another name they go by is Vacations and Resorts out of Atlanta, GA. The girl who called was Kim Davis and Jacob Gibson so BEWARE !!! Thanks for posting the phone # since I could find them anywhere else on the web and your post saved a lot of headache for my friend !!!!

  33. I have had the worst experience of my life with this timeshare. I was contacted from Global Resort Management in Orlando Fl. I payed an upfront fee for the third time,I just knew it wasnt going to work But the sales person had a few good points about how the program worked. I took the chance and it payed off. … It took 90days … Pretty happy now… thanks GRM

  34. I’m glad it worked out for you Chris. I’ll have to look into that company and learn a little more about them.

  35. I will like to say that you all beware of individuals on such websites who are operatives of the very companies we speak about and whose jobs are to go on the internet, search for forums like this and either advertize themselves like the company that provided the service that made their day-finally or like the company we all need to trust. I have seen a few emails on this forum as well with none of them really explicitely providing enough evidence to justify their allegations. For example, an individual named Chris talked about how he used a timeshare company and paid an upfront fees for the third time and it all went great. They say “you fool me once, shame on you. You fool me twice, shame on me” what would make someone fall for it THREE TIMES? Stupidity? Not at all convincing to me! So I just thought I note that as well. Please beware! Thanks

  36. I was just contacted by International Timeshare Network to sale my timeshare with Wyndam/WorldMark. I tried one of these companies b4 and paid but no results, so now I’m doing research on it and came across this site.

    Has anyone ever heard of this company?


  37. Alex I’ve signed up with two of these companies and have had no results with them. My suggestion is to avoid any company that wants you to pay a hugeup front fee in order to sell your timeshare.

  38. Alex,

    I have never listed with one of these companies, as I do not own a timeshare. However, I found this website while going online to leave a positive review about International Timeshare Network and saw your post. I recently stayed in a beautiful resort, Wyhndham Bonnet Creek outside of Orlando, Florida on July 4th-July 8th. I found the timeshare on intnltimesharenetwork.com after seeing a commercial on the Travel Channel. I cannot speak for listing or fee’s, as I did not pay any. I did however get a really good deal on the days at Bonnet Creek, at the last minute (4 days before stay). I found them to be professional, and very responsive. The whole process was very easy and I will definately be using intnltimesharenetwork.com to locate lodging for trips in the future. I do know that International Timeshare Network runs commercials on major networks as that is how I found them.

    Thank you International Timeshare Network, I have two children and would not have been able to afford a trip like this without your help.

    -Shannon J.

  39. Chris, Thanks for having this website. I have been learning a lot. I also got caughtup in Resort timeshare Resales, paid them around $600 and never heard them again. I am getting calls from Full Service timeshare. They have a real nice website and of course they have a buyer that they can’t give me any info on but they claim that they gaurantee a sale because the buyers signed a no recision clause . They want $1850 for title and advertising. After reading all these informative I think they are a scam. P.S. The gal I was talking to put her manager on and he was trying to persuade me and he put me on hold but he just pushed a button on the phone (it beeped like he was putting me on hold) and asked the gal I was working with what file is it the Fisher file or the Duncan file then he pushed a button again acting like he had put me on hold. But even this country boy could see through that tactic. How do you like that? thanks Chris E

  40. ******************************* I really wanted to let you guys in on a little secret. I work for a timeshare rental and resale company and im going on year 3. Let me tell you why all of you owners didnt sell your timeshare… you went with an internet listing company who basically sold you and ad on the internet. First off, they charged you any amount they wished to put an ad on the internet site that cost them absolutely nothing to do so they profited 100% of your money. Where does any incentive to sell your property come from? Thats because there isnt. Keep in mind there are literally hundreds of internet websites all doing the same thing. Did you buy your timeshare over the internet? And I’ll bet you dont know anyone who did! Also, there are absolute scumbag companies who arent licensed, bonded or insured because they work out of a garage. They are out there, and they are vicious and will promise you the world. Read your contracts thoroughly. Some “companies” will do what we call a buyers pitch. They will tell you “we have a buyer, send us some money for closing procedures… or for whatever fees” why would you pay closing costs when you payed them when you bought the property. Also, how do they have a buyer when they havent even marketed it? My company works like a corporate travel agency, we get anywhere from 6-8% commission payed by the new buyers because it is illegal for a marketing and advertising company to draw a commission on the backend from you. If you sold a car through an auto mag, do they get a cut of the sale? No. Reguardless what was previously said… Timeshares do sell. You just need the best marketing strategies available in the right niche market. 10 cents on a dollar is absolutely true if you try do it yourself. Here’s the problem with that. Who are you gonna market to? A struggling economy where expenable income is shot for most people. Who goes to ebay to buy a timeshare not knowing much more than words and pictures? You all bought your timeshare at a resort where they had all the wonderful things that come with the resort for you to see for yourself. They sold you a lifetime of vacations and beat you over the head giving you extra weeks or bonus points until you signed the papers. Listen I get the problem. I hear it everyday. Not only are you getting hit financially, but my company is too. When we contact owners and they say we’re not interested, we’ve been burned before, they could have been clients of ours. There are ways to get the money you spent back as long as those companies are still in business. **** If a company calls you and says that they work with the attorney general and that they know that you have been scammed and can get your money back… hang up!! How did this company know you got scammed? Because they bought your information from the company that scammed you. Its called a re-loader scam. Even though they guarantee results! I’ll leave my email if any of you have questions. [email protected] I check it every 2 weeks so bare with me. Looks like shannon

  41. Corporate Resorts Specialists is a nasty word when it comes to selling timeshares. I recently ignored the very principals involved in busness transactions and sent upfront money to this company (?) who promised that they had large corporations who would pay unrealistic money to purchase our shares. Remember this name, Corporate Resorts Specialists, hang onto your money and run as if the devil was chasing you…..because he is!

  42. WOW! Glad I decided to do a internet search. Many of the companies you all have mentioned have many many complaints. My Timeshare has been paid off for 14 years. I purchased a week at Four Sails in Virginia Beach. I decided to contact the resort to resale my timeshare. They have 2 employees that manage and assist owners with reselling. They can list my property on the resort site (no cost) as a resale and they can help answer questions for buyers. I am still following up but I suspect they will require a standard commission for handling/making the sale which I will be happy to pay.

    Something else to consider, my sister in-law donated her timeshare to the Catholic church. They took it and placed it in a fund raiser/auction and it was purchased! She was out of the deed and the new owner got a deal.

    Good luck to all!

  43. That’s a good idea donating it to the church. I hope you have luck selling your timeshare.

  44. A company called Timeshare Sell Now or timesharesellnow.com contacted me and said they wanted to sell my unit. I said sure…..3 days later (today) they call back and said they have a buyer…….I am waiting a call back from their “closing manger”…to tell us the next step….

    The only items I find for them on the web are 2 inputs from people saying they had a good experience selling it to them with no hassle and they got their money in 3 months….thats not to say those were from “company personnel”.

    Anyone here about this company ???

  45. A company called Timeshare Sell Now or timesharesellnow.com contacted me and said they wanted to sell my unit. I said sure…..3 days later (today) they call back and said they have a buyer…….I am waiting a call back from their “closing manger”…to tell us the next step….

    The only items I find for them on the web are 2 inputs from people saying they had a good experience selling it to them with no hassle and they got their money in 3 months….thats not to say those were from “company personnel”.

    Anyone hear about this company ???

  46. I am in the process of dealing with Sandra William of Timesharesellnow, Greenville SC.
    She claims to have a buyer at our agreed price. I have agreed to pay a fee of $1952.00.
    We are now in the “verification” process and I am to be receiving paperwork completing
    the offer within 7 to 10 days

  47. Has anybody heard of / or has had any experience with Timeshare Depot, Inc. out of Boca Ratón, Florida ?



  48. Tom!!!!! Cancel it now! Thats the buyer’s pitch! Look at my post from August 9th 2010!!!

  49. Before you sign anything TOM, do as much research as you can about this company. Google, Yahoo!

  50. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ANY COMPANY CLAIMING THEY WILL LIST, SELL OR RENT YOUR TIMESHARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to work for a resale company. (Not selling, doing receptionist) I saw deceptive, and fraudulent activity on a daily basis. I also had to be abused by the customers who listed their property for sale or rent, and called in to see “get an update”. I wanted to scream into the phone … “NOTHING IS HAPPENING WITH YOUR PROPERTY OR ANY OTHER PROPERTY BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO BUY OR RENT YOUR TIMESHARE, EXCEPT YOU!” I have been in this business for years, and have NEVER seen a property sold or rented. EVER! Haven’t you ever wondered how the telemarketer got your name in the first place? Let me tell you … Once you buy a timeshare, you are put on a “SUCKER” list … that is then bought and sold, over and over again. If a sales person got you at one, they will quit and go to another company, and then claim that they can “get your money back” if you list with the new company. It is discusting, and I wish all Attorney General’s would shut the businesses down. DO NOT PAY A FEE TO SELL YOUR TIMESHARE … HANG UP THE PHONE!!!!!

  51. Tom, I am no expert in timeshare and have recently been scammed. I hired http://www.timesharescam.com and will wait and see if they are legitimate. I will let you know if they are trustworthy.
    I know about timeshares what I was told in the sales presentation and what I have read over the internet so I am not an authority in this field. But something that has already been drummed inside my ears now is that YOU NEVER PAY FOR SELLING, RENTING OR CANCELLING A TIMESHARE UPFRONT. I learned this the hard way and now I am $18,000 + 899 out of pocket for timeshare cost and broker or tranfer fees.
    If you want to know more about what I have learned visit this page:


    Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


  52. Hey concerned, you obviously worked at a scamartist “company.” Just because you didnt see timeshares sold, doesnt mean that they dont. So, before you go slandering all companies as a whole… remember who you worked for and ask yourself this… why did you stay there for any amount of time if you knew that the “company” you worked for was not legit. Look at my post on August 9 and you will understand a little better of why yours didnt work.

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  54. UPDATE,

    Timeshare Solutions ( http://www.timesharescam.com ) negotiated the cancellation of the contract but with no refund. I asked to see if they could negotiate a partial refund. I was told they will try and will let me know.

    I will keep you posted.


  55. Chris…..have you heard of a so-called timeshare company by the name of Corporate Resorts Specialists which apparently operates out of Las Vegas?

  56. Berry, I have looked into it but have not found anything on the net about Corporate Resort Specialist. I would like to get some feedback about this company since some of my other readers have been commenting about this company being a scam and a ripoff as well. Please share your stories if you have some.

  57. Corporate resort specialists is listed with BBB, las Vegas as corporate resort usa.

    Their BBB rating is F.

  58. Re: Corporate Resorts Specialists, the BBB in Las Vegas graded this outfit as an F. My experience indicates a Z- would be more appropriate.

  59. Anyone ever had any dealings with Innovative Resorts. Claims to have a buyer for our time share and says these people are willing to pay over $100,000.00. We had to pay $2,000.00 upfront for the “title search”. I think we’ve fallen into another scam. Innovative was in FL and is now located in NY…wonder why??

  60. Don’t do it. Anyone claiming to pay you an outrageous amount of money for your timeshare is a fraud. Try to get your money back if you can.

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  62. BE Careful also about companies who say they will BUy your timeshare to RID you of the time share. Some of their sales men charge absorbitant rates and they show you an income statement for 5 years on how much you will save.. Of course you will save on maint , fees. but they cahrge you 1,500- 3000 upfront and they say that is used For closing fees. When i called my Time share they tols me my time share only costs 200 for closing fees. They want to make money on the time share to cover at least 3-4 years of main fees that you pay upfront if they indeed are legitimate and of course the salary of the salesman. That is too ,much! JUST BETTER IF YOU CANT SELL IT DONATE IT TO A FRIEND OR YORU CHURCH!

  63. Sheila,
    I agree never pay these timeshare resale scammers a dime upfront. I’ve fallen for a couple of these scams and have only been only to ever get my mone back from one of them. I like the idea of donating to your church as well, however they would have to be willing to cover the maintance fees. Thanks for the advice.

  64. Only time you should pay a fee is for a classified type listing which normally runs under $50 and some are free. Never pay a company a large sum upfront and never agree to their pay us later. Basically they will take whatever they can from you then say they will take the remaining advertising balance after they sell your property. Complete and utter crap, most timeshare resale companies will never sell your property and they just wanted to boost you up in an effort to collect some money from you instead of nothing. Scams are popping up everywhere so be advised.

    Timeshare resale scams is my website, read up on other tactics I talk about by these scam companies and post your property for FREE!

  65. Dear Chris… Perhaps you’ll enlighten me… here’s what I think after being involved in resales for the last 3 years.

    I really think it is very unfortunate that timeshare owners have become the prey of unscrupulous companies and individuals. Clearly these people have taken advantage of the situation, haven’t they? There is definitely a need for resale assistance out there mostly due to the fact that developers have ignored the issue right from the start and still do very little to address the issue of resale. That inertia has led to a weakened resale market with huge gaps in pricing, an overwhelming supply that continues to grow with every increase in maintenance fees all of which continues to hurt timeshare owners and the product on its own. In my opinion, as long as the product is being sold without a viable built-in ‘exit’ solution for owners, consumers will continue to be at risks. Unfortunately, the major part of the problem lies at the source and very little is being done about it. We built our website to educate new buyers in the hope to promote timeshare resales. We believe that only a strong resale market offers a viable solution to timeshare owners at this time. Offering a successful platform to sell, rent or exchange timeshares is the only way to restore some confidence in the timeshare products. However, it saddens me to realize how the industry at large does very little to help with this situation and I continue to see timeshare owners locked-in in a financial burden that takes away the fun out of vacation and further jeopardizes the demand in resale for some products, anyway. In my opinion, I cannot foresee the future without a major change be brought to either the product or to the timeshare industry’s regulations to eliminate long-term ownership. If timeshare resale continue to struggle with very little demand, I think long-term and perpetual timeshare ownership will have to offer some kind of built-in exit or buy-back programs by resorts and developers. Until then, timeshare owners will unfortunately continue to pay the price.

    Given the current state of the current timeshare resale market, do you think governments’ consumer agencies should step in to further regulate timeshares, or do you trust that the industry is willing enough as a whole to help alleviate the situation? Let me know what you think.

  66. I’ve always been against government involvement in anything. However I believe if timeshare companies would offer an exit solution where people would be able to get a decent amount of money back from their timeshare people would be more viable to buy. However I was able to get my timeshare to buy back my unit but I only got back around 9 cent on the dollar. In the end I just don’t believe the timeshare industry is going to do anything to fix this problem.

  67. Thank you Chris for your response. I agree. I don’t like to involve government either but gradually we are beginning to see stronger regulations from consumer protection agencies. In Europe they have recently reviewed and amended consumer protection laws to increase the cooling off period to 14 days and impose built-in renewal options for long-term vacation club memberships. That would be interesting to know which resort paid you back for your timeshare and how you managed to get that. As a general rule, they do not buy back let alone take it back. At best, owners have to pay a fee, forfeit the total amount of their initial purchase and cover all the fees up to date… let me know so others can benefit from it. thanks.

  68. Lise the resort I had a timeshare through was the Caribbean Palm Village in Aruba. After several emails telling them that I did not want to pay the maintainace fee I finally asked them if they had a buy back program they said they did but I was not going to get much back. I originally paid $4500 and got back around $400 when they bought it back. I was just happy to be rid of it. It might have been just luck that I got rid of it but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  69. THEY ARE A SCAM. One such company tried to get me to wire 3,000 dollars to mexico for taxes that they promise to pay back at closing. Dont ever send them ANYTHING. I was smart and just wasted their time as much as possible. If I went through with this deal it would have cost me 3 Gs. Hint # 1 A cold call. #2 they offer more money than its worth #3 pretty contracts and web sites with toll free numbers. The rip off is when you wire money. DONT EVER DO IT

  70. can anybody help me . we have had a letter about somebody wanting to buy our holiday .the firm is called international reclaim consultancy s.it is not a time share but we was involved 4years agoin a scatch card and was told about holidays we paid a lot of money on the under standing we would get a return in 4yrs .which we have never got back. we are now getting phone calls fron companies wanting to buy our holidays they are asking for 658pounds for fees . so as anybody had any succsess in this scam thankyou sheila

  71. My poor mother who is 61 years old, just fell for the timeshare scam. The company was International Financial Management. She has lost $3,000. We live in SC and some of the call were supposedly from Florida and Washington, DC. They had a “legit” website that said they had been in business since 1947. I was wanting to know, where is the FIRST step we need to go in maybe getting her money back…..So sad that people would do this!

  72. Carmon, the chances of you getting your money back are slim to none, because the company operates as a scam. However I was able to get my money back from from a timeshare resale company by posting a page up about their company being a scam on the internet. I did this by by getting the page ranked in the top 10 in Google under their company name, by doing this I gained their attention quickly but if the company is a scam company it won’t work because reputation means nothing to them.

    Good Luck.

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  74. Hello everyone,
    I’m terribly sorry to hear about your experiences. Unfortunately, 99.9 percent of timeshare resale companies AND “recovery” companies are fraudulent. A large portion of them have been shut down and quite a few others are under investigation by the attorney general. The worst part is that some of the owners of the resale companies actually own the recovery companies as well. It’s absolutely upsetting. I work for one of the only companies in the nation that actually gets money back for companies. Do your research!! And UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, give a company money up front. A legitimate company will never ask for money before services have been rendered.

  75. Anna: Great comment, I agree with you that most timeshare resale companies are a scam. How do your company help others get their money back from the fraudulent companies?

  76. Beware of Buy and Sell Timeshares. buyandselltimeshares.com The salesperson Denise told me that I could get a very high price for my time share, that she sold one for more than what I listed mine for. She told me to keep my price high and not to lower it, that she thought I would definitely get alot for the time share. According to the company policy, the sales people are not supposed to tell you what to sell it for. They deny any responsibility. I would not have listed it if I knew that I had no chance of selling it. I have had 0 contacts or offers. And this was before the recent economic issues. I have reported them to the BBB and also with the Florida Attorney Generals office. They are very unethical.

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  78. Any comments,results, complaints on CITY RESORTS/las Vegas on timeshare sales??????
    thanks for any help!

  79. How do i cancel a contract made via over the phone with timeshare by owner? Do i call timeshare by owner or cc company?

  80. We have been through two scams with no results so I contacted the state Attorney General’s office and files a formal complaint. Their rep tried to get back some money from one of the companies but to no avail. They informed us that as far as they know, there is NO WAY so sell a timeshare. I guess that tell it all. You can stop payment of maint fees or walk away but no way to get any money out of it.

  81. Does anyone know of ALL REALTY SERVICES INC in Kissimee/Orlando? The salesperson said he has been selling timeshare properties for 20 years. I’ve already been stung by another company that took $2000, provided a “contract” for sale, and promptly disappeared.

  82. I’d like to comment in response to Sue above reporting the Attorney’s General rep’s comment saying ‘…. that as far as they know, there is NO WAY to sell a timeshare’… what a silly thing to say. I have to say that although it may take some time to sell they do re-sell. Yes there are scamers out there and please use common sense when solicited. Legitimate resale companies do not solicit, have a decent website, advertise realistic prices for your TS, promote the benefits of timeshares… and, do not charge 4-digit-fees, promise or guarantee a sale… which no one does other than manipulators… I’m very sorry to hear that an entity such as the Attorney’s General office is spreading such negative comments about Timeshare resales… and how does that make you feel as a timeshare owner to hear that coming from them? At the end, it only hurts the numerous timeshare owners who are in great needs of assistance in selling their programs. This is the kind of comments that hinders the timeshare resale market as a whole. There is a demand for such products… it just happens that the supply is overwhelming these days due to our past global recession (especially in the US where lots of owners have put them up for sale…) I believe that eventually when inflation will bring the hotel rates back to where they were in 2007… consumers will look at the alternative timeshares offer when it comes to guaranteeing vacation time with loved ones on a yearly basis.
    Please stop spreading negative feedback about timeshares…. in the end, it only penalizes the individual timeshare owner. We believe resales is necessary to be promoted through education and pertinent information so consumers can understand the concept and make a sound decision as to what to choose, how to use and manage its vacation ownership. Let’s keep in mind that there are over 7 millions of people using timeshares yearly reporting a satisfaction rate of 82% about what they own… that should mean something, no? Timeshares are a vacation vehicle and resales make it more affordable and accessible to a wider specs of population and help families spend quality time together… that’s the bottom line!

  83. I contacted the Property Owner’s Assoc for the timeshare for a Wyndham Property that I have owned for more than 25 years. I said that I wanted to GIVE the timeshare back -I wasn’t asking for a buyback- I just wanted to quit claim the property and never pay the maintenance fee for a timeshare that hasn’t been used in more than 10 years. I was told that I had to transfer the the title to someone that would pay the fee. I could never get out of the maintenance even by giving it away or giving it back. If I die, my children have to pay the maintenance until title is transfered. Oh, and if I don’t pay the maintenance fee, I will be turned into collections and they will ruin me. How can I get out of this?

  84. Penny if they don’t have a buy back program I would suggest one of two options. First, try to sell it on eBay. However I suggest selling it a low price just to get it out of your hands. Otherwise if you still have valid weeks available you could try to rent those weeks out to cover the maintenance fee.

  85. Penny, I just like to say that you just shot yourself in the foot by spreading words like these.
    Developers do not get involved in resale and you were probably told so at the beginning. Unfortunately, timeshares are an emotional purchase made based on trust. The best way to sell timeshares is to sell it the same way it was sold to you. Keep in mind that even though you would advertise your timeshare for 1$ on eBay, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will sell. Why would someone spend a dollar on something they don’t understand how it works. It really is a product that requires the skills of a good salesperson. Even though you can explain how it works, will you inspire enough trust to your buyers for them to pay any kind of amount of money? My suggestion would be for you to find a legitimate resale company preferably in the area where you own and work with them. Do your research, legitimate resale companies as a rule give a lot of information about timeshares on their website and advertise realistic prices, and will provide help and assistance if you find yourself a buyer. Beware of extravagant fees but be prepared to pay a bit for the advertising and promotional services. Do your homework, your chances will be much higher than working on your own trying to give it away (which raises suspicions and sounds fishy to me to begin with..) Timeshares may take some time to sell but they will sell … and spreading the above words just reduces your chances of selling your program. I believe that only a healthy resale market will eventually alleviate owners from their responsibilities, will facilitate swapping programs among owners and help a wider range of first time buyers to purchase. For you own sake, please keep promoting timeshare resales positively! Good luck and do not despair!

  86. Lise,
    I have to disagree with you entirely. I have joined two timeshare resale companies to sell my timeshare and as a result ended up wasting thousands of dollars. Both companies where very highly reputable companies and in over two years of working with both companies neither of them sent one prospect or buyer interested in buying my timeshare.

    I have a few questions for you Lise, how much does it cost for your company to list a timeshare since it’s obvious you work for one. On top of that how many timeshares do you actually sell for people, and finally what are you doing to promote peoples timeshares other than just pasting their listing up on the web?

    What’s strange is that I never see a listing company disclose it’s fees or show people what they are doing to sell their timeshare. The truth is timeshare resale companies are nothing more than advertisers listing your timeshare Penny and are not doing anything to help sell your timeshare but just take your money and run. If a timeshare resale company is asking money from your upfront stay away or you will be their next victim.

  87. Oh, dear, dear, Christopher, ssooooo glad you asked. Now, let’s really go to the bottom of the resale issue, shall we?. Remember my first comment on your blog about developers taking advantage of their members and plainly wondering if the government regulations should step in? … and this is where it gets so frustrating. It would be so easy for them to build either an exit program for their members or create some kind of entity like an authorized dealer or anything they could …putting their heads together trying to solve or alleviate the problem of resale and help their owners. They can’t even consider the resale issue with a ten-foot pole (I’m speaking generally here, some developers or resorts have an excellent support to their owners or members). We’re talking about imposing restrictions, high fees for ownership transfers, making it as difficult as possible for their owners to resell on their own, etc… (that’s all they could come up with in order to keep the value high!?!) it is as if they’re hoping the resale issue would go away on its own. The resale market has reached a terrible bottleneck and the negative reputation of timeshares is not helping either. When will we see pre-owned timeshares traded on a market like used cars? To me, the situation is similar as if you were buying a brand new car and within a few years you can’t trade it in… You’re stuck with a car rusting in your driveway… You think you could give it away to your neighbor, but he’s afraid of driving it, he doesn’t know how to drive it … most of it all, he knows that they’re not easy resell or have very little resale value !!! How good can this be to the value of the product to begin with? This is where I lose it! When are they (developers) going to catch on or do they really care?

    I could go on and on with calls received from developers telling us not to advertise their products at such a reduced price… or saying that their members are not allowed to rent it! Daw … what was pitched on the table when they bought it…oh yeah you can sell … you can rent… what do you actually do for your members?.. if you do not want to see your product on the market at such a reduced value… hence your threat from resales… do something! In the meantime, what is there to do for timeshare owners, I might ask. Keep their vacation ownership rust to dust and keep paying annual fees or … advertise it with actual companies that can provide them with services to assist them with resale … trying to promote it the best they can with the little support they get from the industry as a whole. Yes… the only way it could sell or resell for that matter is face to face like it was bought in the first place and continues to sell … and continues to sell well I might add. And, as long as it continues to sell well, developers will keep their heads in the sand … and claim that resale companies (which creates a nice diversion from them by the way) are the worst scammers. Even ARDA came up with some kind of a ‘draft’ for legislation about resale companies… again, clearly avoiding the whole real issue all together… but what are they really prepared to do to solve the problem? THEY are AT the source of the problem… of course, there have been resale scams… like predators on prays… timeshare owners are left on their own with very little support from developers… and unfortunately that leaves them vulnerable and this is where the real scam is!
    I know that does not really answer your question about our fees there… but what’s the point?

  88. Lise,
    Your car analogy is flawed…..at least if you have a rusted out untrustworthy car, at some point you own it and can haul it to the scrapyard. You DON’T have to keep making payments ad infinitum.

  89. Hi Kelly,
    thank you for your reply and comments. I agree, this is not the perfect analogy there… and the TS resale market is certainly not as flowing as the used cars’ market, is it?
    On the other hand, this is exactly why everyone’s involved, owners, resort owners’ association, developers association, ARDA, CRDA, RDO, resale companies… and so on… must put their heads together and come to grip with this issue to solve it and make the resale market a viable solutions for everyone. In the meantime, we will continue to promote timeshare resales and all timeshare products for that matter… because, hey… you’re right… this is a product that does not rust!! happy trails!

  90. i have been contacted by a company. they tell me they have a buyer at this moment who wants to buy my timeshare, which is in puerta vallarta. after speaking with them a couple of times about process, etc., they sent me a $$ figure for the offer. they have now sent me a contract for the sale, which i’m to complete, sign, notarize and fax back to them. there is an escrow account that is being established, and upon receiving the $$ into my account, i then mail the original copy of the sales contract and the deed document. there is no $$ upfront that i pay. sounds strange to me, has anyone heard of this approach yet?

  91. Suds,
    How did this company know that you had a timeshare for sale? If this company is contacting you out of the blue I would take extreme caution. However if this does work out in your favor that would be great. Let me know how this situation turns out.

    Thanks for the comment.

  92. Christopher

    thank you for the comment as well. this company does this for a living, naturally, or so they say. they do have a decent web site as well, which may or may not make them legit. they told me they do a lot of property in mexico, with the potential buyer also a foreigner, and did say that does scare some people off. i am checking on them with the city and state they do business out of, so i should be able to get information on them in that manner. i figure that if i dont ever need to provide any funds upfront for comission, etc, i shouldn’t have too much to lose, possibly. and i would never provide any money up front. if towards the end of this they come back and say “we’re all set, all we need is x$$” then i’m immediately out. supposedly i get my $$, and then the deed gets mailed to them afterwards…. sounds too good, but i’ll see.
    stay tuned, as i will follow this up

  93. Last November, I was contacted by a similar company that wanted only money for title search to the tune of $1999.00. They sent a copy of a contract with a so-called purchaser’s name. They said they had the money in escrow and quoted a figure for the time share that would have left me with a nice profit. Within 20 days they had disappeared! Their name was I.I. International. The salesman’s name was Keith Baker.

  94. Suds, This is an interesting situation. Would you mind to provide the name, website of the company. It certainly can happen. Lots of people are looking into buying specific timeshares. However, as Christopher has asked : how did they find you is a very good question. Did you have your TS advertised for sale anywhere? Was the price offered particularly high? These would give you some indications as whether or not it is legit.

  95. Lise

    yes this is very interesting. i’m supposedly waiting on the escrow account to be completed, or to get asked that i need to put up some level of funds. if the latter occurs, i’ll be stopping with the transaction, as i will not send the first dime to anyone in this process. so i figure i’ve got nothing to lose currently, and i’m a bit intrigued to see what happens. to account for how they found me – i was told the buyer is looking for units in 2 different properties, and one of them happens to be mine, so i can possibly see that. i have also asked for their business license number, which they must have to operate legally in the city of kansas city, and for one to operate in the state of missouri. they could still be legit without either of those, they’re just not registered. i’ve already contacted the city because i can find neither of those in the databases. so i’m doing my homework here. the name of the company is premier properties, and their web address is premierpropertyltd.com…… i’m actually having fun with this, and can’t wait to see where it goes, which will probably be no where fast, but that’s life…. if i can expose them if they’re scammers, then great, and if they’re ok, then fine.

  96. Suds
    Don’t be afraid to ask hard questions before getting involved any further. To me, the response you’re giving me about how they found you still does not satisfy me… how did they actually contact you. The fact you own can be of public knowledge in Florida, but in Mexico? Unless you actually advertised your name and phone number for your specific unit… normally, resorts do not disclose such information unless there’s a leak… How did they find you? When you say they’re not registered… again you’re assuming they may be legit. Ask them to give you references on a few owners (name and phone number) they actually transferred ownership for and talk directly to them. That should give you all the answers you need. Good luck… thanks for keeping us posted.

  97. i’m not assuming they’re legit at all, they just haven’t done anything yet to prove either way. i’ve asked them to provide me their business license number, which is a requirement for both city and state. if they cannot do that, then i’m probably out. but that still doesn’t mean they’re not legit, that just says they have not registered to practice business in kc, or the state of mo. and incidently, after speaking to the licensing department in kc, they are going to pay their office a visit for a routine investigation, since neither of us can find a valid license in the database. keep in mind, i’m not sending anyone a red cent, so i’m not going to lose anything.

  98. Be sure to keep an eye on your elderly parents who have timeshares! Going through this hell with my 80 year old father right now. Over a year ago he fell for two different companies offering to sell his timeshares. Of course they took an upfront fee and then never delivered. The third company not only promised to sell it, but said they would be able to recover the money he spent with the other companies. Of course, it was a scam as well. So a month or so later, out of the blue, another company calls and they want to recover the money he was scammed with all three companies. They tell him they need his bank account info and the password to his online account so they can search his bank records to find the companies he paid and how much, so they can recover that money. He gave them the infomation, they sent themselves a wire transfer out of his account and told him it was their fee to begin processing. Then several weeks later they tell him they have found his money and request a percentage of what they recovered, so he sends them a 4-digit amount via wire transfer. When the bank discovers what’s happened, they try to recover the wire but nothng doing. They close his accounts and open new ones, telling him it’s a scam and to not give them any more information. The scammers call him back, threaten him and then sweet talk him into giving them a blank check so they can send the money to his bank. Despite everyone telling him otherwise, he still believes these people are honest and gives them the check info. They’ve written 2 checks this way so far for thousands of dollars and hacked into his new account. They’ve called the bank pretending to be him, put their phone number into his bank profile so they can change his password at will. We’ve had to close his accounts again and have since moved to a different bank. They call him 6 – 7 times a day, using different numbers, but I have blocked most of them. I think he finally believes these people are scammers. He’s lost over $12,000 just to this one company alone. We are dealing with the police and a lawyer at this point but I doubt we will ever see a penny back. Beware of any and all companies saying they will sell your timeshare or offer to recover your losses from scammers – many times it is the exact same people. And they will continue to call you because they sell your information to other scammers. We will have to change all his email addresses and phone numbers to get away from these people.

  99. Buttercup: These are the exact situations my site it trying to help people avoid. I feel bad for your elderly parents and that these scammers are taking advantage of people like this. This proves my point, NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PAY UPFRONT FEES TO SELL YOUR TIMESHARE.

  100. Hi Buttercup… I do feel for your Dad and it really upsets me to see this industry being sabotaged by unscrupulous scams… especially taking advantage of the vulnerability of elderlies. I can’t help feeling sorry for timeshare owners left on their own to deal with this… not knowing what to do… who to trust and so on in order to re-sell their vacation ownership. What I would suggest to you is, please, take over your parents’ ownership… because the ownership is passed to a family member, the transfer fees may be minimal depending on where you own. Then, please contact us, we will be pleased to list it for free and if you ever get any calls from anyone wanting to buy, list it or whatever they contact you for… we will follow up with them on your behalf to help screen the goods from the bads be to sell or to buy… making sure it is legitimate… this is what I would gladly offer to help your Dad and give him a peace of mind… provided you take over the ownership so your father never has to deal with these types of scams in the meantime the program resells … best regards

  101. Just had the cold call with the over valued offer to purchase a week of my RCI from U.S. Property Consultants Inc [Thomas Donnelly & Alex Morgan] out of Las Vegas NV. They hold themselves out to be financial brokers, securing financing for their buyer, from unidentified lender institutions. They get paid by the lender. No cost to the seller EXCEPT for the $874.32 up front fee for processing the necessary documents. I sent the Las Vegas BBB an email/complaint about them. They dumped me when I suggested they front the fee and I would repay it plus a commission to them.

  102. Ive bren contacted by resort management group about selling my time share. They want 1289.00$ up front to cover deed and title search. How did they find me? Is it a scam?

  103. Mark, it’s a scam. These scammers work like most of the other scammers in the timeshare industry charging huge up front fees and then entering the witness protection program to never be seen or heard from again. Take my advice never pay an up front fee to sell your timeshare. These are words of wisdom I failed to listen to twice and it cost me $1100.

  104. Thank you Christopher! It seemed too good to be true. They told me I would get $38550. I was told he was buying for Microsoft.

  105. I have researched a few of these timeshare resale companies & feel that Sharp Innovations LLC just may be a legitimate company. Have you ever heard of them? They state in their contract that if they don’t sell your timeshare within 180 days they will refund your initial advertising fee of $899.00 which you pay with your credit card to further protect yourself (since most credit cards fully refund your money when the services are not met). The contract states that there are no other fees or costs. I realize I won’t be making money off my timeshare, but maybe I can pay off what I owe.

  106. Cindy, I know this company wants you to believe that they will give you your money back after 180 days but $900 is a lot of money give to someone. I ended up giving over $1100 to 2 different companies who said exactly the same thing. I was able to get the money back from one of the companies and the other was an all out scam. I checked their website out and it looks professional but anyone can make a website look like this. I’m not going to tell you what to do here but all I ask is that you report back once you’ve sold your timeshare. Are readers would be interested to learn how things worked out for you.

  107. Christopher, can you tell me how you went about getting your money back? I paid Time Shares Only and Time Shares By Owner both about 600 bucks each back in 2008 and I haven’t received one damn offer (not even a lowball offer) for my timeshare credits through Trendwest. I’d be interested in knowing who you got your money back from and how you went about doing, it if your could please share you experience. Thanks.

  108. Does anyone know of a company called Timeshare Sales Inc (TSI) at 4470 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles? And of William O’Connor, who says he represents Wyndham Financial? He said he had a buyer and that he did not up-front fees, but then asked for $2000 “deposit”.

  109. D. Lyons, I wish I had a buck ever time I heard that line. It’s defiantly a scam and best if you stay away from it. I had a timeshare resale guy call me from a different company once telling me he could sell my timeshare for $24,000. I lost $500 on that deal as a result.

  110. If your Timeshare is paid up and free and clear why can’t you just give it up. Where is it stated that you are liable to pay the annual Fee for the rest of your life? Please refer me to any reference to this. Thank you

  111. A.C. I agree with you completely, it’s not like you own a piece of the timeshares property but rather a piece of time. I had this same issue once when I told my resort I was not going to pay the fee anymore. They told me that if I didn’t they would send a collections agent after me, and that they would destroy my credit. I then asked them if they had a buy back program and I was able to sell it back to them and get around 10 cents on the dollar back. This may not be the case for everyone but if you are at least able to rid yourself of it and avoid the fee do it.

    So try buyback option first and if that doesn’t work you may be able to donate you timeshare to get rid of it. I have an article coming out on Monday that covers this process more in depth. I hope this helps.

  112. Well, Innovations kept clling me back saying that they had interested buyers & I told them that if they could sell it, that they could take their fees off at the closing! They never called again. So I guess the best way to tell if someone is legit about selling your timeshare just tell them that you honestly can’t pay them till the closing!

  113. Has anyone had dealings with Vacation Ownship Group with offices in New Jersey and Nashville, TN?

  114. I was called by Approved Property Management about selling my time share. No money upfront and 5% commission.
    Does anyone know these people? Should I trust them?

  115. Mark,
    I did a search on Google for them and and found their website and it seems legit to me. Here is a link if you want to check them out.


    If they can sell your timeshare much in the same way a Realtor would sell a home and only collect a commission after the property is sold it wouldn’t hurt to check them out.

    However the second they ask for any money I would drop them. Hope this helps, and thanks for the question.

  116. In regards to Sharp Innovations,LLC. in Atlanta,GA. They are just a scam like all the rest. I entered into a resale contract with them on Nov. 18,2011. I made them put into writing that if they did not present me with a bonafide offer witin their 180 day time frame that they would refund all of my advertising fees that I paid to them. They presented me with 0 offers. I sent them a refund request within the 10 day period required by them. And I sent it registered mail, they say certified, I sent registered. Either way, they signed for it on may 14,2012 and they have as of yet to put my money back on my card. I also thought they would be the ones to finally rid me of this crimeshare that I own. So, I have begun a dispute with my credit card Company. They charged me $499.00 upfront but sent me a receipt for only $449.00, $50.00 less than what they charged my card. So beware good people, they are no different from any of the others companies looking to take your hard earned $$$$$$. They just add pain to misery. Good luck Folks. I feel sorry for all the folks that paid way more than I did. Once they get your money, your timeshare goes onto a listing page on some website and there it sits until your agreement runs out. Document everything and make them put into writing that your money will be refunded if they don’t sell it. Do this before you allow them to touch your credit card. I’ve been going thru this for over 7 years and I have gained a lot of knowledge since the beginning. And I have gotten all of my money returned to me with one exception. BEWARE!!!!!

  117. Thanks for that informative comment David. I like how you were able to get them to put in writing that they would return your money after 180 days and you’ve managed to get your money back almost every time. I would have never thought of that. It’s also not surprising to me that you didn’t get your money back either. When I asked for my money back on several occasions from these companies they would always find some lame excuse not to. I just hope those looking to get into a program find this info first before they get ripped off as well.

    Also I like your Crimeshare comment. LMFAO!


  118. Has anyone heard of the VO Group, which promises to get people out of their contract based on fraud?

  119. I just posted, but need to correct the name of the company — it is VO Financial.

  120. Hi Dee. I did some research on VO Financial and it seems this company has changed it’s name a few times, but it looks as if they have some serous issues. VO Financial has had 24 complaints in the last 3 years with things such as advertising to problems with their product and services.

    I would suggest avoiding this company. You can learn more about the complaints against this company here http://www.bbb.org/new-jersey/business-reviews/timeshare-companies/vo-group-llc-in-egg-harbor-township-nj-90072424

    Thanks for commenting.

    Chris H.

  121. Thanks, Chris. I had gone to a BBB site in New Jersey but they had nothing on the company which BBB said was formed in early 2012.

  122. Excellent Review!!!

    The resale of a timeshare is a legitimate business. Companies agree to advertise a timeshare for a fee on their websites. As with advertising, the membership doesn´t need to sell in order the fees to be legitimate.
    The difference between an honest timeshare resale company and a scam, is when the company falsely suggest they have a buyer waiting for their timeshare, or picture unrealistic, overoptimistic selling possibilities.
    Since the 70s, many Americans have ben swayed by timeshare sales pitch: Own a week here and never worry about vacations again.
    For as long as timeshares have been sold, owners have tried unsuccesfully to sell them. Timeshares are not investments, they are purchases and therefore, do not increase in value over time. Their initial prices are inflated by marketing expenses and their value collape after the purchase.
    Timeshare resale market is so poor, you can get them on eBay for free; owners are willing to pay the transfer fees. They just want someone to take over their maintenance fees.

    You might also want to read this article, that’s where i found this information:


  123. The only effective way to get rid of a timeshare and prevent yourself from future maintenance fees, the risk of being scammed by one of these companies is by cancelling your timeshare.

  124. That’s interesting Agu. I’ve never heard of someone doing this, I’d be interested in hearing how this is done.

  125. The only effective way to get rid of a timeshare and prevent yourself from future maintenance fees, the risk of being scammed by one of these companies is by cancelling your timeshare.

  126. That’s interesting Emilie, I’ve heard of canceling a timeshare but I don’t know how it works. I would like to know a little more about how this exactly works so I could share it with my readers.

  127. The timeshare industry keeps getting a bad reputation, and yet there are many people who still pay thousands of dollars for them. In fact, time shares are one of the top sellers in the hotel industry; however, that doesn’t make them a good purchase.

  128. You are exactly right Mia. Just because something is a top seller whether it’s a book or a timeshare doesn’t mean it’s always a good purchase. My advice to those that want to buy a timeshare is to understand and know the facts first before you buy because it will save you a ton of headaches down the road.

  129. I have been reading several of the comments above about Timeshare Resale Scams… from people who did not succeed re-selling their timeshare through the companies they picked and therefore assumed it was a scam …. or got sold by companies who solicited them promising a high return for their timeshares… which sounds scammy to begin with… and got caught in the process.
    No doubt, timeshares are difficult to sell in the first place and even harder to re-sell let alone selling them online. Promoters know that and have invested heavily in training their sales staff. One must also understand that timeshare is not a product that people buy but rather a product that people get sold to. Knowing this distinction, one must understand that because owners are left on their own to re-sell their timeshares, the only way they can succeed doing so is by advertising to targeted prospects with or without the assistance of timeshares’ salespeople. Unfortunately advertising alone has become lesser efficient due to the highly controversial reputation it has acquired online.
    The resale market has been stained from the many reported scams about resales that bring even more confusion for the consumer at large wanting to own one. We do get many interested buyers but very little pursue basically out of confusion from the many websites such as this one feeding on reports of scammy practices about timeshares and timeshare resales… some of them advertise the worthless value of timeshares just so they can convince owners to get rid of their timeshare for a hefty fee (5 x the MF) just to sell them afterwards on eBay for 1$… making it even more confusing… Yes, unfortunately, there are indeed, a lot out there… all to the detriment of timeshare owners, however. Because, as people will realize… timeshare developers keep on selling and more timeshare resorts are being built!! … and for as long, timeshare resales will not go away!
    Resales would be a lot easier if the consumers did not go home and read all about the downsides of it on the internet. Making it even more confusing for them just to consider purchasing… which would certainly help individual timeshare owners to recup some of their initial investment, roll it over to a family who could make use of a perfectly good product bought at a substantial discount…. and why not? Why not believing in a more fluid resale market… why not rolling them over and over again…
    The past recession has not helped either… resulting in tripling the timeshares for sale by owners on the resale market doubled by the increased competition in the hospitality industry lowering hotel rates, and the many websites promoting lowest hotel rates and so on… Consumers are bombarded by specials in what has become a highly competitive travel industry. Therefore, the consumers does not have the urge to turn to more affordable alternatives to secure quality vacation time.
    How do we fix resales?… how can we help the many timeshare owners find a viable solution to re-sell their timeshare… and recup some of their initial investment? Can we focus on promoting timeshares for sale by owners as opposed to condemning it?

    Please feel free to publish your comments, ideas on how you would comfortably buy on the resale market… what would it take for you to buy a timeshare for sale by owners? Post here or write to me at [email protected]

  130. This fraud is increasing fast. The typical scheme involves a cold call from a timeshare broker claiming to have a buyer willing to pay big bucks. People are entice to get money and the timeshare out of their monthly expenses. The con man asks for upfront fees to complete the transaction, if they hear again from him is only to request for more money.

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