Stumble Forward Editorial Policy

Last Updated: January 21, 2024

One of our goals here at Stumble Forward is to provide straightforward advice. Our advice is not based on affiliate commissions or products that pay out the best. We don’t review any product unless it is one we truly believe in.

We follow Google’s Product Review Guidelines to create a comprehensive review of the product using our personal experience, testing, and product use.

How We Get Our Advice & Conduct Our Research

  • Personal Experience – First off, we like to share our own experiences that we’ve had and learned. This gives us a unique perspective on the reviews and articles we write.
  • Using the Product – We also use the product to learn everything about it. We look at each feature and the benefits and determine the pros and cons of this.
  • Testing – We also test the product to see its strengths and weaknesses. We also compare these quantitative results against other products we’ve tested.
  • Talking to People Who Own the Product – We also like to get perspective from others who have used the product and get feedback from them.
  • Questioning Companies that Own the Product – Finally, we like to contact and question the company about the product and get their thoughts and advice.

How We Keep This Information Free For You

Even though all of this information is free, we still earn income from’s two primary methods.

  • Affiliate Income – This comes from the products we are affiliated with and promote
  • Advertising – This comes from the ads that are displayed on this website.

These income methods are what we use to keep this website going and to provide the information we continue to create.