Have you ever made that mistake of buying something or doing something that put your finances in a bad position.  Maybe it’s was refinancing to bad mortgage or buying an investment that you thought was good deal only to find it was loaded full of fees.

Or worse maybe you fell for a scam that took thousands of dollars away from you, leaving you with nothing.  The truth is we will all make a financial mistake at some point in your life, it’s literally guaranteed.

Worse than that is not being aware to of the things that could be slowly eating away at your finances one dollar at at time, robbing you of your freedom and hard earned dollars.About Page

Welcome to my world where costly mistakes, scams, and financial parasites are common place.  I’ve been through some tough financial times in my life from living paycheck to paycheck to losing thousands to bad financial mistakes.

So who am I…

My Story


My name is Chris Holdheide and I am a personal finance advocate blogging, podcasting, and doing whatever else I humanly can to help people avoid costly financial mistakes in their life.

I live in a small town in Midwest Ohio and in 2003 I faced my biggest financial mistake ever.  I lost over $4500 from buying a timeshare.  From their I lost hundreds more to scammers who claimed they could help me sell it.

In 2004 I began a part time career in financial services where I worked for four and a half years.  After departing from my financial services career I felt I had so much more to give so I started StumbleForward.com as a place to share stories, and advice to help other avoid these costly financial mistakes.

Turning A New Leaf

Since starting down this new and exciting path I’ve managed to keep a budget, payoff over $6500 in credit card debt, save thousands of dollars away, and even build a band new house all within a five year period of time.

Now I’m not going to say I’m perfect or have rock solid finances but I am a regular Joe who is working hard to create a better life for his kids and family so I can do the things other can’t later.

What Is Stumble Forward

When it comes down to it Stumble Forward is the financial watchdog that helps people avoid costly financial mistakes and a lead richer more enjoyable life.

On Stumble Forward you will get top notch articles that will talk about the latest scams going around, to tutorials, podcast, and even product comparison charts where you can compare financial products from savings accounts to identity theft programs to see which is really the best deal for you.

In the end Stumble Forwards goal is to help you make better informed financial decisions.  So take some time and fill in your name and email address in the form below and you’ll get my weekly newsletter that will give you the information you need to avoid costly financial mistakes and improve your finances.


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