Below are all of my favorite financial products I personally use. I am an affiliate of these products, and if you click on the links, I will earn a commission. The earnings from these commissions will go towards Stumble Forward and the improvement of this site.


Capital One Credit Cards

Whether you’re looking for cash back, travel rewards, dining & entertainment, or building your credit, Capital One lets you compare their cards in one convenient place.

Credit Monitoring

Credit Karma

Need to improve your credit score to buy a house or new vehicle? Or maybe you want to monitor your credit so people don’t open new lines of credit in your name.

Crypto Currencies Investing


Coinbase is one of the top cryptocurrency investing platforms. You can invest here whether you’re buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any new coins. Also, get educational rewards for learning more about cryptocurrency.


Ally Invest

Whether you’re looking to manage your portfolio or have to be a little more hands-off, Ally Invest gives you the tools and the ability to do it all from their platform.

Credt Cards

Bankrate Credit Cards

Bankrate compares all the top credit cards, from Visa and MasterCard to American Express and more. With their credit comparisons tool you’ll be sure to find the best credit card.