5 Tips for a Safe and Fun Skiing Adventure


Whether it’s your first time doing it or you’re already an expert in the sport, there are many things you can do to ensure a safe skiing trip each time you head to the mountains.

Given that skiing is inherently dangerous, it’s up to you to do the necessary safety precautions so you can enjoy the thrilling ride down a snow-covered slope and end up in one piece at the bottom of the mountain.

It’s not enough to have proper ski equipment or to wear branded ski apparel such as a Spyder ski jacket for boys. What’s more important is to have a keen sense and awareness of your surroundings and to follow certain safety protocols to have a safe ski trip.

Here are five tricks to guaranteeing fun and safe skiing adventure:


Abide by the 10 FIS rules

The FIS (International Ski Federation) established 10 rules for ski and snowboard aficionados in much the same way as highway patrols and traffic management agencies lay down rules for motorists.

These 10 rules are there specifically to ensure safety in all areas where snowsports occur and every enthusiast, regardless of the level of expertise, must abide by them.

Just follow all of the rules every time you go for a skiing trip and you’ll surely avoid accidents caused by carelessness and ignorance of such safety protocols.


Invest in and wear proper ski protective gear and equipment

If you happen to have watched professional motorsports coverage such as those of MotoGP, you’ve probably seen riders crashing at immense speeds.

Most of the time, riders who crashed will just pick themselves up and ride their bikes again as if nothing happened. The secret? They’re wearing appropriate riding gear and safety equipment.

Since skiing also involves speed and tackling some challenging terrains, you should also invest in and always wear proper and complete ski protective gear and equipment so you will be fairly protected against serious injuries in case of a crash.


Always ski within your limits

There have been countless ski crashes involving both expert and novice skiers who committed one major blunder: they tried to ride outside of their limits in terms of skills and the capacity of their ski equipment.

Always keep in mind that when skiing, you’re probably descending as fast as a car could go on an open highway.

If you ski beyond what your skills and equipment are only capable of, you’re not only putting yourself in danger but also other skiers around you. So, always ski within your bounds and never go faster than your guardian angel can fly, as some would put it.


Heed avalanche warnings and never ski in off-limit areas

Avalanche warnings are put out for a reason, the same way that off-limits zones are established in ski resorts.

Remember that avalanches can happen at any given time, but more frequently during inclement weather. So be sure to always heed avalanche warnings and forego any ski trip when a warning is out.

Likewise, make sure to ski within allowed areas and never go to spots that are explicitly prohibited by the authorities managing the ski resort you’re in.


Ski defensively and be aware of your surroundings

Just like driving a motorized vehicle, skiers are also advised to always ski defensively and be on the lookout for other skiers around them.

If you see a skier heading towards you, you should try to maintain a safe distance to avoid a collision. You should likewise watch out for trees, protruding rocks, and other hazards along the ski trail, so you can avoid hitting them.

Skiing is an adrenaline-inducing sport that can be fun and exhilarating when done properly. Keep these tips in mind to enjoy the sport while staying safe.

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