Most people are aware of the risk of cyber attacks on smartphones, computers, and business servers, but did you know that medical devices are also at risk? Anything that can connect to the Internet can potentially be hacked. Medical identity theft and medical device hacking are serious problems. Is your health in the hands of a hacker? Recent Attacks on Medical Data and … [Read more...]

business supplies

It’s no secret that office equipment can be really pricey, so kitting out a full office with new stuff or even just some new pieces of equipment can really add up. I personally did this just a few years ago when I revamped my office and boy were the cost an eye opener. You’ll also want to be sure you’ve got the best deal for your money and that the things you’re … [Read more...]

8 Strategies You Should NEVER Use To Pay Off Debt

If you're looking for options to pay off your debt faster their are a lot of ways you can go about doing this from selling stuff around your house, adopting the frugal mindset, to setting up the traditional debt snowball plan. However did you know that their are certain ways you do not want to pay off your debt?  Sometimes we as humans can become very emotional about our … [Read more...]

Scam alert road sign

Well it seems that the scammers are hard at work with another scam hitting consumer wallets hard.  It seems that scammers are now posing as people from your local utility company. In this article I'm going to share exactly how this scam works,  how to protect yourself from it, and what you should do if you suspect that you have been hit by this scam. How The Electric … [Read more...]

business registeration

As a small business owner I can't tell you how important it is to keep your eye on cutting cost. I personally just dealt with this with my company and we are always looking to lower our data cost.  On the other end of things it just also goes to show how much more important it is to be doing this stuff. Technology is a growing area in the US and abroad and I feel it will … [Read more...]