Businessperson Shopping Online With Mobile Phone And Credit Card

Mobile credit card readers have made the acceptance of credit cards over a wide array of businesses an easy thing. Many new businesses are embracing the new technology, but quite a few are still wary about the benefits that it brings. Credit cards have long been a staple of consumers as a means of protecting their money and at the same time giving them easy access to … [Read more...]

Pen and money - focus on tip of the pen

Being better with money is actually not as hard as it seems. With a bit of self-reflection, education and discipline, we can create a healthier financial life without feeling like we are sacrificing or that we must diligently track every penny. Not being good with our money not only puts us at risk of a variety of ‘unpleasant’ situations, it also creates a lot of mental … [Read more...]


Video conferencing has risen to prominence as a trusted and versatile tool in the business world. Capable of connecting companies, people, and committees across expanses of ocean or highway, the technology has just started to show its true worth with a slew of updates and modifications. As features are continually added or altered in the field of video conferencing, however, … [Read more...]


Over the last weekend I had the chance to hang out at #Fincon14 in New Orleans.  If you are not sure what this is it's  a conference where financial bloggers, and media experts get together once a year to talk and learn about ways to improve our businesses. It's also allowed me to connect with a ton of great people I've been following online in the media such as Forbes, … [Read more...]

Thinking of Retiring

I was asked a question recently about whether I was planning for my retirement and it struck me that it is never too early to start putting something aside for retirement. Planning meticulously for retirement has the effect of removing the financial stress from the situation, and the earlier someone starts, the less stress is involved. Starting to plan for retirement only … [Read more...]