Business Plan on Blackboard

Self-reliant manufacturing takes a great deal of investment in terms of time and resources. By being self-reliant, not only does a company manufacture a product, but it also markets and sells it. This poses the business in question a number of challenges. As someone who runs their own company I face many problems from dealer issues to marketing my products.  In this article … [Read more...]

On vacation

When I ask people why they do not travel more regularly, the most common answer is the fact that it is just too expensive. There is no doubt that travelling is one of the most enjoyable experiences around, although that extra added pressure on your wallet is enough to leave one running away in fear. Luckily, there are a large number of travelling tips and special secrets … [Read more...]


Are you a safe driver?  Even if you've been in a few fender benders you may want to read this article. Safe driving is a concept that encompasses a variety of topics. Being a safe driver involves doing what you can to avoid accidents, properly maintaining your vehicle, and being responsible in the way you drive. Safe driving also plays a big role in your financial … [Read more...]


Lately my manufacturing has been in talks about expanding it operations to a bigger location going from a 7200 sq ft building to a 10,000 s ft building.  This would allow us to bring in more equipment, more workers, and overall more business. Putting the word out like this has led to a lot of lenders contacting us about loans for my business but the problem is that not all … [Read more...]


The mere mention of the word software is enough to send the average CEO into frenzy. Usually, the thought of costs, business interruption and the time needed for staff training can be costly for a company. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Business software can be an excellent tool in your working arsenal. Streamlined processes, automation and savings are significant. … [Read more...]