Binary codes with hacked password

By now you've probably heard of the Anthem Data Breach which is affecting millions of people from current members, past members, and even kids.  Yes, you heard me right, kids are even being targeted with this latest data breach. However the big question most people have on their mind since this breach is how to protect yourself from becoming an identity theft victim, and … [Read more...]

Do Credit Repair Companies Really Work

Has bad credit been a big part of your past?  When you think about it your credit allows you to do all sorts of things from get loans for a house, a car, credit cards,  apply for student loans and whole lot more. Without good credit almost all of these options are not possible.  I say almost because in the small chance that you do qualify you would likely be paying huge … [Read more...]


Most people are aware of the risk of cyber attacks on smartphones, computers, and business servers, but did you know that medical devices are also at risk? Anything that can connect to the Internet can potentially be hacked. Medical identity theft and medical device hacking are serious problems. Is your health in the hands of a hacker? Recent Attacks on Medical Data and … [Read more...]

business supplies

It’s no secret that office equipment can be really pricey, so kitting out a full office with new stuff or even just some new pieces of equipment can really add up. I personally did this just a few years ago when I revamped my office and boy were the cost an eye opener. You’ll also want to be sure you’ve got the best deal for your money and that the things you’re … [Read more...]

8 Strategies You Should NEVER Use To Pay Off Debt

If you're looking for options to pay off your debt faster their are a lot of ways you can go about doing this from selling stuff around your house, adopting the frugal mindset, to setting up the traditional debt snowball plan. However did you know that their are certain ways you do not want to pay off your debt?  Sometimes we as humans can become very emotional about our … [Read more...]