Lately my manufacturing has been in talks about expanding it operations to a bigger location going from a 7200 sq ft building to a 10,000 s ft building.  This would allow us to bring in more equipment, more workers, and overall more business. Putting the word out like this has led to a lot of lenders contacting us about loans for my business but the problem is that not all … [Read more...]


The mere mention of the word software is enough to send the average CEO into frenzy. Usually, the thought of costs, business interruption and the time needed for staff training can be costly for a company. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Business software can be an excellent tool in your working arsenal. Streamlined processes, automation and savings are significant. … [Read more...]


There is no question about whether businesses need to be money savvy. If you are an entrepreneur, you have to ensure that you keep your company afloat all year long. If you are naive when it comes to financial matters, you could lose out. It's not just about keeping accurate financial accounts; you also need to make sure that you do the right things with your budget. From … [Read more...]

Binary codes with hacked password

By now you've probably heard of the Anthem Data Breach which is affecting millions of people from current members, past members, and even kids.  Yes, you heard me right, kids are even being targeted with this latest data breach. However the big question most people have on their mind since this breach is how to protect yourself from becoming an identity theft victim, and … [Read more...]

Do Credit Repair Companies Really Work

Has bad credit been a big part of your past?  When you think about it your credit allows you to do all sorts of things from get loans for a house, a car, credit cards,  apply for student loans and whole lot more. Without good credit almost all of these options are not possible.  I say almost because in the small chance that you do qualify you would likely be paying huge … [Read more...]