business marketing and planning

I recently realized just how different the world has become. Thanks to numerous technological advances, information nowadays can travel around the world faster than ever before. In the past, business owners were content with having a brick and mortar establishment and they could attract customers using simple advertisements placed in the local newspapers. Of course, this … [Read more...]

Home renovation

While accountants and financial spreadsheets make me fall asleep with boredom, I cannot deny that they occasionally come in useful. This is especially true when planning a house renovation, as a budget plan can help you to achieve the kind of property you have always wanted without costing you money you can not afford. I've done home renovations in the past and learned … [Read more...]


Running a business can seem like juggling 20 different things at once. I know this from personal experience because I own two businesses myself. You have to deal with payroll, bills, inventory, customer service, employee satisfaction, marketing, and innumerable other things. Because there are so many issues to keep track of, finding ways to reduce spending and increase … [Read more...]

Businessman looking at piles of pennies

The world today is home to an astonishing number of billionaires – all of them have come by their fortunes in different ways. Some, for example, may be heirs and heiresses to long standing family legacies. But there are also plenty on the rich list who have grown their businesses to become world beaters – and to do that you have to be business savvy. Below are some … [Read more...]

Before you read the rest of this article take my podcast survey right here. Starting Over On My Podcast You may have noticed that I haven't produced a podcast episode in a while.  In fact my last episode came out on May 12th of this year and I have a good reason for it. First off, I started a completely brand new blog called Wallet Impact and I've been spending a lot of … [Read more...]