3 Plastic Surgery Dos and Don’ts


At some point in your life, plastic surgery may sound intriguing. Maybe you’re getting a little bit older, and you’re starting to see wrinkles on your face.

Or perhaps you have some health condition, and now you want to adjust your appearance as far as weight gain or weight loss goes. There’s nothing wrong with looking into your options. But there are pieces of advice that you can take to help you make rational decisions.

Always follow the instructions of a medical doctor, but keep in mind there are common sense ideas to pay attention to as well.

First, after plastic surgery, it takes time to recover. Second, if the problem is with your self-esteem and not your actual appearance or health, you should find peace with your internal psychology first.

And third, you should prepare for plastic surgery with proper nutrition and exercise habits. If you want the operation to work and to heal afterward as quickly as possible, you have to prioritize your health.

#1 Take Time To Recover

It’s crucial that you understand that it takes time to recover after surgery. If you look at Cardi B’s surgery, you’ll find that she did too much too quickly after major operations.

Because of this, she had to take extended time off afterward because she hadn’t healed properly.

As much as you want to get out there and be active in your daily life after any surgery, listen to the experts when it comes to recovery time advice.

#2 Recognize Self-Esteem Issues in Advance

There are cases when external surgery does not help what your issue may be. If you can look into a mirror and can’t see yourself accurately, then plastic surgery is not going to help.

Even after the operation, you will look into the mirror and still see the same things wrong.

If you’re trying to get plastic surgery done to fix your self-esteem issues, it’s important that you talk to a therapist first about how to accurately identify your mental state regarding your desire for surgery in the first place.

#3 Prepare With Good Nutrition and Exercise Habits

Before plastic surgery, you want to be as healthy as possible. It means adopting good nutrition and exercise habits. It doesn’t mean going overboard. It doesn’t mean signing up for a bodybuilding contest. It doesn’t mean starving yourself for going vegan.

All it means is that you should balance your diet, nutrition, and exercise habits so that your body is in an optimum state to heal after an operation. If you have unhealthy habits like smoking, you should try to cut down as much as possible before an operation as well.

This way, your body can focus on healing from the surgery rather than healing from other ways that you are polluting your system.

Are you considering plastic surgery?

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