How to Find the Best Spine and Pain Center for a Herniated Disc in Bowie

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Stats show that most people start developing back pain between the ages of 40 and 60. The median age for Bowie is 42 years.

If you are a Bowie resident with spinal issues or back pain, you should consider visiting a Bowie spine and pain center for diagnosis and treatment.

Pain management specialists employ their expertise to detect and treat the root cause of spine or back pain.

Pain management treatment at the right time could help you avoid potential surgery and more complex treatments.

In addition, the experts can help you manage conditions like herniated discs.


What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc, bulging disc, or ruptured disc is a condition that occurs when there is a problem with the cushion-like rubbery pads between the vertebrae. The soft center could push through dents or cracks on the exterior. Spinal discs act as essential shock absorbers and offer support between the upper body and the vertebrae.

The condition can trigger several other related issues like back pain and nerve dysfunction. The condition can occur anywhere in the spine but often occurs in the lower back or the lumbar spine. Therefore herniated discs are a common cause of chronic lower back pain. Additionally, a herniated disc can also lead to leg pain.

External or internal pressure causes the jelly-like substance between the vertebrae to push out of the outer spinal rings. The issue could occur because you lifted a hefty object that pressured the spine, sustained an accident or fall, or sat in incorrect postures for prolonged hours.

It’s recommended you visit a spine and pain specialist at the earliest if you suspect you are dealing with a herniated disc.


How to Find a Spine and Pain Specialist in Bowie

Bowie is the sixth most populous city in Maryland and is considered an ideal retirement spot. Since several seniors and retirees reside in Bowie, the city is also home to many reputed pain management clinics.

Your spinal and vertebral health is critical to your overall well-being. Therefore, it’s essential to find the best Bowie spine and pain center for treatment.


Certifications and Specializations

You may check if the doctor or other medical professional who offers pain management treatment has certifications and formal training in the field of pain management.

You may also check if the professional has memberships in reputed pain management boards like ASIPP.


Knowledge and Experience

Spinal issues may impact every part of your body since the spine is connected to the nervous system and brain. Conditions like a herniated disc are easy to treat if detected at the right time. However, if left unattended, the condition could develop into more severe issues like spinal misalignment.

A herniated disc may also irritate the surrounding spinal muscles and nerves. A doctor or medical professional with extensive experience in pain management can identify the issue using diagnostic tools and prescribe the necessary treatment to correct the issue.

There are several reputed pain management specialists in Bowie. Your doctor may suggest long-term solutions like weight management to correct the issue. Hence, it is recommended you visit an expert pain management specialist at the earliest if you have recurring leg pains, back pains, or experience unpleasant tingling sensations in your back.

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