3 Strategies To Reach Out To New Customers For Your Home Business

business marketing and planningI recently realized just how different the world has become. Thanks to numerous technological advances, information nowadays can travel around the world faster than ever before.

In the past, business owners were content with having a brick and mortar establishment and they could attract customers using simple advertisements placed in the local newspapers.

Of course, this laid-back approach cannot work in today’s business environment. As I said before, the world has changed.

Competition for customers is fierce and start-ups are popping up everywhere you look. Savvy entrepreneurs know how to take advantage of these changes to increase their profits.

As a home business owner, I am sure you are well aware of the benefits you can derive from an excellent marketing strategy. Such a strategy can help you to penetrate new markets, expand your customer base, increase your existing clients’ loyalties and drive profits through the roof.

One of the lessons I have learned from running my own business is that I have to become more aggressive in claiming my share of the market. I have to actively, continuously look for new clients.

Today’s world demands that you, as a home business owner, embrace innovative ways of putting your products or services in front of your target market.

Below are a few options that I suggest.

3 Strategies To Attract Customers In A Fast-Paced World

I have outlined a few strategies below that you and other home-based business owners can use to reach out to more customers.

Host-beneficiary marketing.  Employing this strategy requires you to form a partnership with an already established business that targets clientele similar to yours.

The aim is to promote your products and services to their clients through gifts or special offers. You can reach hundreds of potential customers, building your own client base in the process. The host business will benefit from rewarding its customers without incurring additional expenses.


Mobile marketing.  I find that this is one of the best ways for you to get your brand across to customers who are always on the go. There are several ways to employ this strategy.

You can choose to optimize your website for mobile devices, develop a mobile App or use text messaging to reach your clients. Building a mobile App for your business can increase your engagement with customers and is an excellent way to receive instant feedback from your clients.

You should get a professional App developer to help you build and prepare your mobile App for iOS 8, Android or other mobile platforms, to reach as many customers as possible.


Social media marketing.  This is another strategy that I have found useful and one you can adopt for your home business. Marketing your business on social media means you can reach a huge number of people in your niche market while incurring minimal costs.

You will need to get a business logo and a blog or website to maximize your online presence. Alternatively, you can make use of a well-written and carefully-designed profile on Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn to draw in more clients.

Wrapping Up

Once you decide on a strategy, I advise you to review it periodically to ensure it continuously meets your business needs and is still the right strategy for you.

The world is a fast changing place and what was once a great way to bring in new client today might be yesterdays yellow pages.  This will keep you on the bleeding edge of new opportunites and finding more clients.

What strategy are you using to find new clients for you business?

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  1. I agree Michelle. It’s amazing what a little social media can do for a business when it’s applied in the right way.

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