3 Reasons That Your Product Won’t Sell


When you’ve put so much time and effort into setting up a business, it’s really disheartening when you just can’t sell any products. A lot of companies see good growth in the first couple of months before things level out and they struggle to increase sales again.

The worst case scenario is that your product just isn’t that great and there isn’t a big market for it, so you aren’t going to sell it. But that’s not likely if you’ve gotten this far because you should have tested the product along the way.

So, if the product itself is fine, why aren’t people buying it?


You Don’t Have A Professional Sales Team

Employers often make the mistake of thinking that their phone sales team don’t need as much investment or training as their marketing team, for example, but that’s absolutely not true. Selling products is a specific skill that only some people have.

If you hire people that don’t have proper business sales training, they can even make the best products look bad and customers won’t be willing to buy. If they’re too pushy, or they don’t know how to advertise the products best features, customers won’t take an interest.


You’re Targeting The Wrong Market

Say, for example, you’ve built a great mobile app that you’re selling and you need to market it. So you start putting up billboards and posting flyers around people’s houses.

That sounds like a weird way to advertise a mobile app and that’s because it is. Tech companies don’t advertise in that way because the kind of people that respond to those traditional forms of marketing are not their target market at all.

If you want to reach a younger audience, you need to be looking at social media and website marketing etc. Whatever your product is, you need to work out exactly who your target market is and make sure you’re reaching them with advertising, otherwise, you’re wasting money advertising to people that are never going to buy your product, regardless of how great it is.


You’re Making It Difficult To Buy

You probably don’t think this is a problem that people run into but it’s more common than you think, particularly online. When people are designing websites they often come up with these grand ideas for out of the box designs that set their website apart from everybody else and really get people talking.

But sometimes, they forget about usability along the way. An interesting site is great, but if customers are struggling to find where they actually buy the product, they’re likely to get frustrated and leave. Customers have a very short attention span when they’re on a website so you need to make it easy for them.

Another issue is stock levels. If you start making some good sales and you’ve underestimated how well you’d do, you might run out of stock. If you don’t manufacture more soon, you could lose sales. A customer might try to buy once or twice, but if you’re out of stock every time they’ll soon give up. When you are restocked, you’ll see a big dip in sales.

Try making these changes and you should see a big increase in sales.

What reasons have you found for your product not selling?  Share your thoughts and comments below.


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