Be Creative: Offline Marketing Ideas That Engage More Than Facebook Ads


To write a post that totally ignores the power and presence of digital marketing and focuses solely on offline marketing strategies would be as bold as Conor McGregor.

So, we will start off by adopting our most monotonal voice and saying digital marketing is really important, beneficial and necessary.

The reason we said it that monotonal and far from enthusiastic tone is that there about twelve million other articles that have written about digital marketing.

What they fail to tell you, however, is how offline marketing trends have the ability to make your business stand out on a whole other level.

You see, to stand out in the digital sphere, your marketing can require a lot of money, effort, and luck. This isn’t the case in the offline world (aka the real world), where some of the best marketing and advertising strategies can be found. Yes, the best strategies will combine both of these different forms, which is why you should make sure you’re covering all the bases.

But what offline marketing offers that is different is the chance for you to connect with a local customer base, which we believe is still the best customer base of them all for the simple fact local customers tend to remain loyal customers.

So, in order to maximize your physical marketing options, we have compiled a list of inspiration to help you boost exposure and drive up sales. Enjoy.


Use Your Staff Better

If there is one thing you need to do today, it is looking at how your staff interact with your customers and see exactly what impression they may be having on the customer’s whole experience.

Your staff can be your best ambassadors, and there is almost no better way to give your clients and customers the best possible experience than to have a well-presented, thoroughly impassioned and extremely personable workforce interact with them and solve their problems for them.

If you don’t believe us, then just look at the way big brands like Virgin, Zappos, and STA all use their employees at the center of their marketing strategy.


Best Business Cards Possible

Sure, you can get 5,000,000 business cards made by VistaPrint for less than a cup of iced, decaf, venti, four-pump, sugar-free, caramel latte with an extra shot and extra whipped cream from Starbucks, but what will this kind of business card be saying about you.

Probably not what you want it to be saying. That is why it is so worth getting a designer to come in and take your business card game to the next level by making a truly special design that will make your brand remembered.

Don’t stop there, though. Once you have your business cards, use them as marketing tools. Leave some in the doctor’s surgery, pop them into books at your local library and have them handy on you at all times. If there is one thing business cards are great at, it is finding their way to the people who need them.


Smash Your Next Trade Show

If there is one thing you need to be when it comes to trade shows, it is clever. That means being as loud as possible with your stand and event marquee, in which you can read more info at, and cheeky in the way you create a buzz around the place.

A great way to do this is to have some of your staff dress as attendees and crowd around your stall. Why? Because nothing works quite as well as social trust.

Let’s say you’re in Times Square and want the best hot dog possible. Are you going to go to the vendor with no customers or the vendor with a queue?


Another great tip is to hand out wearable merchandise and then have a competition at the end of the trade show where someone seen wearing your merch will win a free product or service. This will see more and more people wear your brand name and that will build a real buzz.


Actually, Let’s Talk Branded Merchandise More

At the end of a trade show or industry event, attendees are going to leave with more goody bags than actors attending an Awards Ceremony.

That is why you need to make your branded merchandise stand out a little bit more, and think about the places you want to get these products seen. If you want to get your name into offices because you offer supplies, then get mugs and flash drives branded.

If you want to be seen in gyms and parks because you sell sportswear, then have branded water bottles and towels made up.

There are so many roads you can go down on the branded merchandise front, by thinking ahead and thinking about who you want to get your name in front of you can create a more targeted merchandise strategy.

Oh, and in case you are still preferring to go down the online route, just remember that a Facebook and has a lifespan of around 40 minutes whereas a water bottle is for life.


Get Involved In The Community

We mentioned at the start about how your local customers tend to be your most loyal customers, which is exactly why you should do all you can to create a more personal bond with them.

That is best done by getting involved with the local community. Luckily, this is easier said than done. Simple things like signing your company up for a local 5K run or half marathon or even that charity bike ride event will see you get great exposure and improve your brand’s cause.

Attending a local church fete or school fundraiser, giving away products or services is another fantastic way to get your name flying off the lips of those nearby. Another great option is to sponsor a local sports team, especially one that will align your brand with the right kind of perception.

We’re talking about sponsoring the new girl’s soccer team for example, as this will show your brand cares and supports gender equality, a much talked about topic at the moment.

As you can see, the offline options are endless, and they can be so much more rewarding than trying to get your name seen online.

So what approach are you taking to get more people to check out your Facebook ads in an offline way?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this below.


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