4 Ways For Ecommerce Businesses To Build Consumer Trust


Trust is so important in business and if customers don’t trust you, they’re certainly not going to buy products from you. Everything starts with trust, and you need to start building that relationship with a customer before they will even consider buying your products.

This is especially important for eCommerce stores because people are more aware of online scams. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done and there are a few simple mistakes that can make it difficult for people to trust your business.

If you are struggling to make sales, it might be down to a trust problem, but there are ways to fix that. These are the best ways to build consumer trust.

#1 Invest In Cyber-Security

If you expect customers to give their credit card details, cyber security is so important. People are more aware than ever of online dangers, so they will only deal with businesses that they perceive to be safe.

That’s why you need to hire a good IT company (like this one at www.infinitconsulting.com) that can handle your cyber-security for you.

You need to keep it updated regularly so your site is always protected and customers feel safe when they are shopping with you.

#2 Choose The Right Payment Platform

When people come to buy a product and they are putting their credit card details in, they will take notice of the payment platform.

If it’s something that they recognize like Shopify or Paypal, they will feel safe about putting their details in. But if you are not using a very well-known platform, that can put people off.

If you don’t know where to start, visit www.magenticians.com for a good guide to payment platforms for eCommerce.

#3 Offer Good Customer Service

Regardless of what business you are in, there are so many reasons why customer service should be a priority. But one of the most important reasons, especially for eCommerce businesses, is that it builds trust.

If you treat people well and you are helpful, they will assume that you are a legitimate business. But if they can’t get in contact with the company easily and they don’t get a polite response to emails that they send, alarm bells will start ringing.

They will naturally assume that you aren’t a great company to deal with and you can’t be trusted to give them a good quality product.

An excellent place to start is to use live chat options on your website to allow customers to access help and support in real-time.

While some apps can be programmed to deal with common questions, you can then direct users to a live person to deal with their issue there and then.

For example, a shopify live chat app can help with shipping queries, stick levels, and more in-depth information than is available on the product listing.

#4 Be Active On Social Media

When people discover a new company and they want to know a bit more about them, they’ll probably go on social media and have a quick look at its profiles.

If you are not very active on social media and you only post sporadically, that doesn’t give a good impression.

But if you have a regular posting schedule and you interact well with people online, you help to strengthen your brand and build trust with your customers. If you use social media scheduling tools, you can stick to a consistent posting schedule.

These are all good ways to build trust with your customers and, hopefully, increase your sales.

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