Why Customer Service Should Be Your Top Priority


As a new startup, the chances are that your finances make up most of your to-do list. You may need to look into applying for a business loan, securing business angel investment, keeping your cash flow buoyant and maintaining a savings pot, should any unforeseen eventualities occur.

However, you shouldn’t be so money-driven meaning that everything else falls by the wayside. Consider your customer. These individuals care about getting a top-quality product delivered on time.

You need to ensure that you can make this happen. This is why you need to pay more than just lip service to the concept of exceptional customer service.


Under Promise And Over Deliver

While it may appear a little gimmicky, having a policy of under-promising and over-delivering is a simple way to get your customers on the side.

If you know that you can deliver the personalized piece of handcrafted jewelry in forty-eight hours, state that you’ll have it delivered in seventy-two.

This way, when they see a parcel on their doorstep a day early, they will assume that you have gone the extra mile.

This will lead to them feeling more inclined to post some feedback online, venture onto social media to recommend you to their followers or post a picture of the exceptional product on their Instagram account.

By following this policy, you are facilitating a warm response to your service from your customer.



It’s the twenty-first century, so you need to utilize technology to enhance your customers’ experience. Companies like SE2 have embraced technology to create new interfaces for the benefit of their industry.

New one-click applications for life insurance have made the whole process easier, speedier and less stressful for customers. Online banking can now be conducted through apps, meaning a visit to the branch is no longer needed to move money between accounts or to pay a bill.

Being more willing to embrace technology for the benefit of your customer may sound expensive, but it will pay for itself, especially when your potential customer base isn’t then tempted by the more modern and forward-thinking competition.




Customer service is paramount as a young startup, as you have so many rivals to compete with. Head onto Trustpilot or Feefo and they may have hundreds of glowing reviews whereas you have none.

You need to focus on building a bank of solidly positive reviews to enhance your reputation. Consider following up every sale with a courtesy call, an aftercare service or a free warranty if relevant.

Go out of your way to make the customer feel positive about your product or service. It doesn’t matter how much investment you have secured, if no one is buying from you, then there is no point.

As a new entrepreneur, you may worry about all things cash related. However, by focusing on your customer, the sales will come, the cash flow will increase and the revenue will build meaning that your startup can thrive.

What are you doing to make customer service a priority in your business?

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