How To Design & Maintain Your Office For Maximum Productivity


The spaces in which we work have the ability to motivate or demotivate us.

The key to a productive working environment is much about usability, functionality, and inspiration.

If you want to design and maintain a productive working space, take a look at some of these really simple tips.

Use of Space

The use of space is vital when it comes to designing a productive office space. When space is used poorly, workstations feel cramped and the staff feels claustrophobic. When you lack space, you feel boxed in and it’s impossible to generate creative ideas.

Now it might be the case that you have a small office space, yet this doesn’t matter. It’s all about making the most of the space that you do have.

First things first, declutter and get rid of everything that isn’t essential. Next, get everything on the cloud and minimize your use of traditional filing and printers (which waste paper and take up space)!

Thirdly, invest in some compact storage units so there are no more bulky cabinets or desks. Choose a neutral and light color scheme and use as much natural lighting as you can to make the rooms feel bigger. A few simple changes can promote more inspiration and creativity.

Maintenance Issues

Poor maintenance of your office equals downtime for repairs. The more that you keep on top of your maintenance checks, the less that these problems will escalate.

Have electricians regularly come and perform tests on your appliances and systems. Such tests are important to ensure that all is in working order and safe to use.

Check your roofs for leaks, breakages, and wear and tear. If you notice any problem areas, it’s a good idea to call in some commercial & residential roofers to make the fixes.

When the office is out of use, productivity comes to a halt, so it’s far better to keep on top of all your maintenance issues.

  Varied Work Stations

As an entrepreneur, you’ll know that a team needs people who possess different strengths. If everyone had the same skills and ways of thinking, your results would be far less creative.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to design varied workstations that cater to different styles of working and learning. Some staff might work better alone in quiet areas, so create some booths or pods that allow this.

Others might work better in a casual setting that’s all about comfy chairs and collaboration; so create a space like this too. Some staff like standing desks with space to move around.

No matter which working style your staff prefers, science tells us that regular breaks enhance productivity (so designing that ‘chill-out zone’ might not be a bad move either)!

Have the office cleaned regularly enough and put policies in place that are strict on mess and waste. (After all, a tidy office equals a tidy mind!) Indoor plants have also been linked to boosting productivity so why not buy a plant or two while you are at it? Remember, a more productive business is a more profitable business.

What are you doing in your business to maintain maximum productivity?

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