2 Benefits Of Bar Advertising Based On The Season

Image by Christian_Birkholz from Pixabay

You might not immediately think of advertising your business in a bar, whatever the season happens to be.

After all, if the products you sell or the service you provide has nothing to do with bars, pubs, restaurants, or even food and drink in general, are you actually going to find the right target market by advertising in this way?

It’s a good question, but there is a good answer. The answer is yes – if you’re careful and do your research first. Assuming your target market likes to visit bars, then advertising your own business in a place where they are likely to actually make a lot of sense.

Bar advertising can really pay dividends.

Of course, how well your marketing does will also depend on the season.

Summer Advertising

There are a number of benefits when it comes to bar advertising during the summer months. To begin with, even people who might not normally go to a bar the rest of the year could be tempted by a lovely beer garden.

If there happens to be a digital display in that beer garden – perhaps even on the table – and your business keeps flashing up as they sit and sip in the sunshine, those good associations will link to your business, and you’ll be more easily remembered.

As well as this, during the summer pubs often put on events. Depending on what the event is, you might be able to corner an entirely new market, so you’ll need to ensure your advert relates to what is happening, whether it be a festival, family day, or music event, example.

Plus, pubs, bars and restaurants will be busy when the sun is out, and they might even require people to book; if you can get some advertising space on the bar’s website as well as in the bar itself, you’ll start offering people a memorable brand.

Winter Advertising

So we know that there are many benefits to advertising in a bar during the summer, but what about the winter?

People are more likely to be inside, in an enclosed space, which means they’ll be able to see your adverts wherever you choose to put them – over the bar, above a roaring fireplace, or on the tables. Perhaps you’ll advertise on the bar’s app where people can order drinks and food.

Then there are the parties. In wintertime, there are countless parties, often linked to Christmas and New Year.

These will be work parties, family get-togethers, friends, and much more besides. Again, much like in the middle of summer, people who would normally not visit a bar or restaurant will go.

They’ll be in a great mood, excited for their night out, and they’ll have Christmas on their minds. In other words, they’ll be thinking of shopping. If your advert connects in just the right way, it could be the business they’ll be shopping with. Give them a QR code to scan, and they might even buy something there and then.

As you can see, bar advertising is effective both in the summer and winter. So long as you tweak your ads to meet changing customer needs, your ad will have the potential to be successful all year round.

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