4 Features That You Must Look Out for in a Space Heater

Image by Douglas Perkins from Pixabay

Many parts of the world are facing unprecedented cold wave conditions. Nowadays, winters are getting colder than ever before, which makes it difficult for people to adapt to the changing weather.

In such situations, living without a heater in the winters can often be quite uncomfortable. Tiny homes usually do not have the provision of HVAC, but you can easily buy space heaters and other heaters to warm up the space for more comfort.

A small heater can be efficient for a tiny house if it is suitable for the size of the home.

The top tiny house heater will vary for each user, as no electricity will be able to fulfill everyone’s requirements. So, you must carefully assess what you are looking for before exploring the options.

You must consider the area that it would have to heat, energy efficiency, length of the cable, safety features, and the heater’s price to help you narrow down the list of options.

Here are some features you must look for in a space heater to buy the best one.

1. The material of the heater

The heaters must be made with materials that provide the best energy efficiency while heating the space adequately.

While many materials are used to make the heaters, PTC ceramic materials are considered the best in the industry.

So, you must opt for a device made with this material for better energy efficiency.

2. Apartment friendly size

Heaters are available in various sizes, but if you buy for your tiny home, you must pay special attention to them.

Choosing a small device for your tiny house is a great option as it enables you to store the heater when it is not in use and helps you maximize the limited space.

Another benefit of opting for small devices is that you can even keep them on the bedside table or coffee table to enjoy the warmth up close.

3. Functional design

The design of the device can often affect its functionality. Some heaters are designed in a way that they can not oscillate to spread the heat, while others are designed to face the ceiling.

So, the design of the heater you choose for your home boils down to personal preference.

You should buy a heater that can oscillate to heat the space evenly and more effectively.

Moreover, the design also determines the device’s color scheme and the overall look. Ensure that it matches your home’s interiors and does not look out of place and odd.

4. Safety features

Buying a device with the best safety features is essential, as fires caused by heaters account for many fires in the country.

If the heater tips for any reason, it might burn the carpet beneath or the curtains.

The top tiny house heater will have a safety feature that automatically cuts the power off when tipped.

Hence, while buying a heater, pay attention to all the safety features, its design, size, and the quality of materials used to make the device.

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