Your Digital Strategy Sucks And It’s Okay


Do entrepreneurs have to be experts?

It’s the eternal question that every new business enthusiast asks. For specialist niche expertise, being on top of your field in your niche is all the knowledge your clients expect you to have. Indeed, your clients don’t expect you to know about a variety of other fields as well.

They hire you because there aren’t many experts in your niche, and they need someone who can do the job. In other words, the special heart surgeon who can separate conjoined twins, for instance, has a unique set of skills.

His unique expertise makes him the best candidate for surgery on congenital brothers. The hospital, however, doesn’t care about his ability to run a differential diagnostic on neurological functions or to proceed to a hip replacement.

But surprisingly, while most entrepreneurs understand that a particular skill set is all about being proficient in a unique field, too many small business owners still try to be good at everything. As a result, one of the most difficult skills to master is their digital strategy.

You are not going to become an IT expert overnight. So, in the meantime, accept that your digital strategy sucks and leave it to the pros.


You’ve got other things to do

When you run a tight business, it’s easy to understand why you might fall into the trap of wanting to become an expert at everything. You are tempted to believe that it could save you a ton of money in the long term.

In reality, even if you do get some functional knowledge about other business areas, you’re not going to become an expert. First of all, it is a waste of your time.

You could instead do what you’re best at. Additionally, you are going to burn out your energy and enthusiasm quickly. Everybody needs time to recharge their batteries. You can’t multitask effectively.

As a result, it’s best to start by identifying your two main areas of focus in digital tech to find the most suitable solutions.


You can let experts protect your business

I’ve got a laptop, and I’m connected to the WiFi. Surely that’s all the IT I need at the moment?

Well, not quite. You will save yourself a lot of money and trouble in outsourcing your networking, and tech support need to a professional IT company.

As a small business owner or a solo entrepreneur, you can’t afford to damage your productivity through IT downtime.

You need to rely on someone who understands your business tools and requirements to create the best IT setup and support your growth.


Find a team who can be creative on your behalf

I can create an AdWord campaign in only a few minutes. Technically, you can. Practically, it’s unlikely to appear professional enough to get any click.

Even though there is a variety of digital marketing tools available, it doesn’t mean that everybody can create great digital campaigns. You need to be professionally trained to design targeted, creative, and successful marketing campaigns. If you don’t have the team in-house, outsourcing is the only way toward a positive marketing ROI.

Here’s the harsh truth: your digital strategy sucks. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can focus your expertise on growing your business while the pros manage your digital needs.

Unfortunately, digital hyper-accessibility has trapped more than one entrepreneur into believing it was a child’s play. It isn’t. Be good at what you’re supposed to be good at; you don’t need to do the rest.

What are you doing to improve your digital strategy?

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