No Money, No Problems: 4 Free Hacks To Boost Marketing


Small businesses see money as the deciding factor in success. A few decades ago, that would have been true but not any longer. You see, the advancement of technology has levelled the playing field and made money less of a factor.

Don’t get it twisted – cash still means a lot and can open doors most can’t even dream of. However, there is no reason to complain about your bad luck as an SMB as it’s possible to take on the competition and win on a small budget. Seriously, you don’t even need money!

These are the free marketing hacks which prove the point.


#1 Attend Free Events

Every week, there is a meeting of like-minded people somewhere looking to network and make new “friends.” Okay, the agenda may not be organic, but can you say you care?

As long as you connect with people who can help and are ready to do a favour in return for one from you, there isn’t much to complain about. The only thing to keep in mind is finding the event in the first place.

Whether it’s in a bowling alley, local function room or a bar, they are not always out in the open.


#2 Wear Company On Sleeve

You may think this is metaphorical but it is a literal piece of advice. Branding is a sure-fire way to get people to notice the business, but traditional methods can be costly.

If you haven’t got the money to buy TV time, branding your clothes is a fantastic alternative. All you have to do is stitch the company logo onto a plain shirt and be brave enough to wear it around town.

Sure, you’ll get some funny looks but that is the aim of the game. At least they are taking notice and noticing the brand subconsciously.


#3 SEO

Without a doubt the king of free marketing, SEO has taken off in the past five years. In today’s business world, there isn’t a soul that doesn’t use search engine optimization to increase traffic to the site.

However, due to the market saturation, standing out from the crowd isn’t easy. Skip The Line Backlinks will tell you to stick to the basics, and they are right because they are the foundations of a successful plan.

Still, you need to get creative by using new technology such as live streaming. Don’t forget about guest blogging, either, as it boosts your exposure and increases your following.


#4 Email Blasts

Hopefully, you emphasize collecting customer data. One piece of info which is vital is an email address because it’s a primary source of contact.

More importantly, customers are more liberal with their email account than other methods of marketing. Take cold calling as an example. People can’t stand it and put the phone down as soon as they realize the caller’s agenda.

An email is different because it’s less invasive. As a result, they could read the text and take the promotions into account.

They say nothing comes for free in this world, but they never accounted for marketing.

What are you doing to boost your online marketing?  Share your thoughts and comments below.


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