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10 years ago from now, when Blackberry, Motorola, and Palm smartphones were dominating the cell phone industry, Apple’s iPhone came out as a tsunami which knocked down all the physical keyboards and the styluses that stood in its way, the features predominant in the phone of those times.

The multi-touch interface which led iPhone users to zoom pictures by smoothly pinching the screen, the physics that went behind all that interaction leading to scrolling features and rubber banding using just your fingers was a technology that seemed like it came from out of this world.

Not only that the fast processor enabled people to use multitasking option that helped them move seamlessly from calls to emails to music to calendars and back.

It was truly magic.

The First iPhones

The first iPhone which was released on June 29, 2007, went to sell 6.1 million units despite the slow GPRS networks available at that time provided by AT&T.

And now even after a decade, iPhone is still the best-selling smartphone on the market. Iphone7 and Iphone7 Plus have looked similar to last year phones if seen from far but their antennas have been modified to make them look less offensive.

The Camera – Battery  – GPU

The camera bump is made up of the same material as the housing to make it look and feel more seamless.

A10 Fusion SoC powers the new variants of the iPhone making them run 40% faster than previous iPhones.

For people who want their phone to last long on battery life, two highly efficient cores have been also provided which consumes only 20% of the battery life that high-performance cores would consume.

Six core GPU is 50% faster than the previous GPU while consuming 33% less power. Supporting enhanced color management, the Retina HD displays on the iPhone 7 is 25% much brighter than its last year version’s screen. Also, the storage has been doubled.

Unlocking Your iPhone 7

Whenever people purchase their iPhones from carrier retail stores, their phones are locked to that specific carrier from where they have purchased the smartphone.

These phones are locked by a code called the master subsidy lock. This code prevents the user from using another carrier’s sim card on their phone.

So there are two ways to unlock the iPhone.

Option 1

The first way is the by manually unlocking the hardware, in which one has to open the phone and it can damage the phone permanently unless one has Ph.D. in electrical engineering and circuits.

Side Note: Personally I don’t recommend this option.

Option 2

The second and the less invasive way is the Official Unlock iPhone 7 available on the apple website. This is the best way to Carrier Unlock Sprint iPhone 7.

To Carrier Unlock Sprint iPhone 7 one has to first go on the Official Unlock iPhone 7 page, and enter the device’s IMEI code in the Official Unlock iPhone 7 apple database.

After completion of this step, iPhone will be automatically unlocked. Also once the iPhone is factory unlocked, one can update the ios firmware to the newest.

Carrier Unlock Sprint iPhone 7 can save one lot of money since people don’t have to return the previous iPhone to the original carrier and purchase the new iPhone from new carrier service they want to use.

So what are your thoughts did you unlock your iPhone 7?  How did this work for you?  Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below on top of that you can learn more about this topic and more here.


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