3 Apps We Wish Came Pre-Installed on The iPhone


Since the iPhone is marketed and manufactured by Apple, the apps we usually see on an iPhone are typically developed by Apple as well. These include iCloud, iTunes, iBooks and Compass to name a few.

While Apple does a very good job of creating apps, there is still a need to have more apps that come preinstalled, so that we do not have to deal with the store, which can be troublesome.

Without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at three apps we need to be preinstalled on our iPhones.



#1 PDF Readers

PDF readers are important for one and all. If you have used an iPhone you must know that the phone is powerful enough to open PDF documents for you, however, it does not let you make any changes to it.

This is why you need a PDF reader installed on your phone so that you can make the changes. PDF readers like SodaPDF can do the job for you, however, not all of them are available for the iPhone.

We need an app that allows us to perform some simple but important tasks on our PDF documents. These include zooming in and making changes. A PDF document can be anything, from a photograph to a text file.

You must also be able to safeguard it with a password to make sure nobody reaches your confidential information. Only a good PDF reader can do this for you.


#2 Dictionary App

There was a time when mobile phones used to come with dictionaries, however, now that has changed. You now need to go to the store to get a dictionary, which everyone needs.

Contrary to popular belief, a dictionary is not needed only by students. Anyone who speaks a certain language needs a dictionary to stand it better. iPhone can come up with a pre-installed dictionary so users can know new words and also find meanings easily.

While there is Siri which can answer all these questions for you, but using Siri can be troublesome for some people. It does not always get the accent, and you also need to be connected to the internet for Siri to work. This is why a dictionary that works in offline mode as well is your best bet.


#3 Translation Apps

According to reports, iPhone users are some of the most avid travelers. For this reason, it is understandable why they would need a translation app.

Again, Siri can be of help, but you do not always have the internet when you’re out as data can be costly. You need an app that works offline and translates languages or words for you.

There are many such apps on the market for this purpose, but none of them come preinstalled.



Apple is one of the few companies that keep on upgrading its software every now and then, and we’re hopeful that the suggestions given in this article would also be paid attention to.

So what apps do you wish came pre-installed on your iPhone?  Share your thoughts and comments below.


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