Road Safety: More than Just Driving Properly


Driving safe in Denver is more than just getting used to the (literal) ups and downs of mountain driving.

Denver roads are rife with hazards – most of them involving other cars.


Inebriated Drivers

Drunk drivers are a real problem in Denver roads. Colorado ranks 13th in the country when it comes to DUI arrests, with 411 violations per 100,000 people. Although the rate has been dropping (by more than 30 percent from 2008 to 2018), the state still considers drunk drivers a serious problem.

Alcohol is one of the top factors in car crashes resulting in injury or death. Fatalities related to drunk driving account for more than a quarter of the 605 traffic deaths in Colorado in 2016.

The number of DUI convictions don’t reflect the gravity of the problem as state troopers issue close to 5,000 citations for driving under the influence every year. Protecting yourself from drunk drivers can be tricky – as they can start driving haphazardly without warning.

Aside from wearing your seat belt and making sure your airbags are functional, it would be handy to have a Denver lawyer who specializes in drunk driving injuries you can call in case you meet an accident.


Overeager Cops

Because Denver’s DUI violation rates are close to the top, state troopers can be a bit overzealous in chasing “drunk” drivers.

Cops can pull you over and ask you to take a breathalyzer test if they believe you are driving under the influence. However, unless they say you are under arrest for DUI, you can refuse the breathalyzer test (unless you’re under 18).

An overeager cop can spot you leaving from a bar and flag you down the moment you start driving.

Motorcycle accidents can happen due to the rider’s mistake or over speeding as well. Even single-vehicle crashes are counted under motorcycle accidents. According to the professionals at, in such circumstances, a motorcycle accident lawyer helps you receiving the damages done in the accident. Some of the most common types of damages received include – economic and non-economic damages.

So, it is rather best to make sure the officer has substantial evidence that you were drunk.  It’s important to also know that after an accident you talk to a lawyer about this situation.  They will guide you through the process and give you the best shot at making amends to the situation.

Of course, you can save yourself the trouble by simply installing a dashboard camera. A dashcam will record your time on the road, providing a clear and irrefutable record of whether you were driving haphazardly.


Rear-End Scammers

Staged auto accidents are a problem in any state. Scammers often take advantage of Denver’s sloping roads to stage car crashes, blaming the landscape and an unwary driver.

These unscrupulous drivers will cut in front of you and immediately hit the breaks, causing a collision that would likely be blamed on you.

While these “accidents” usually lead to little to no injuries, scammers can claim serious ones and a bunch of other complications. Senior drivers can also suffer whiplash from the sudden crash, further increasing their financial and health problems.

Staged accidents can be challenging to prove, and a rear-end collision is mostly seen as the fault of the tailing driver. Of course, a dashboard camera can keep a record of the incident, and a good lawyer can put those scammers out of business.

Staying safe from the more human hazards in Denver’s roads requires a prior preparation, a bit of vigilance, and adequate knowledge. Avoid the dangers, or be prepared for when you encounter them.

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