A Complete Guide To Royalty Free Music


There is a bit of confusion surrounding music and the different methods of downloading tracks for business use.

The air of mystery incorporates the various ways in which you can obtain music legally and how much you are expected to pay.

Nonetheless, one straightforward and popular method of downloading tracks is called royalty-free music.

What is royalty-free music?

Essentially it is all in the name; royalty-free music relates to music that is free from royalties. One of the best royalty free music sites is Shockwave-Sound, but what does this mean for you?

When you purchase a piece of music you will pay a one-off fee. There are no variables. It does not matter how many visitors access your site or how many times the song is played – you pay your initial one-off fee and that’s that.

The opposite of this would be licensed music which is rights managed. In this instance, the user will usually pay every time they use the track.

What are the advantages of downloading this type of music?

The main benefit of using this type of music has to be its affordability of it. You pay a one-off price for unlimited use of a certain track. What’s more, is that these tracks are hardly expensive either.

Just because you pay a one-off fee it does not mean that it is going to cost you more than if you went down another route, such as rights managed music. In the current day and age whereby it is more important than ever to keep your costs down, affordability is always going to be greatly appreciated and taken advantage of.

The value for money you can gain is another huge benefit. You may pay for a song and place it on your website. This track may be used on an extremely vast scale and therefore it offers a lot to your site and your business.

However, no matter how many people use the song, you will never have to invest any more of your cash into it. Therefore you have the potential to reap monumental rewards from paying anything as low 50 cents to a couple of dollars.

Of course, you do need to be mindful when using music in web development. Auto-playing a track as soon as someone lands on your site is not advised.

The Legal Method

In addition to this, you cannot ignore the fact that royalty-free music is a legal method of downloading music. In the modern-day, there are unfortunately too many people who download music illegally.

Many would argue that this is destroying the industry. People invest their time and money into making quality tracks, only for them to be leaked online for free. Morally you should know that illegal downloading is wrong.

But you also need to be aware of the fact that the authorities are cracking down on illegal downloading. Therefore, if you obtain music without rights you are putting yourself at serious risk of fines and alike.

It’s Hassle-Free

Aside from the points that have already been mentioned, downloading this type of music is very easy and completely hassle-free. If your download rights managed the music you are going to have to deal with ongoing costs for an eternity.

This can be very difficult to manage and adds to the complexity of your business. You need not worry about any of this when you purchase music that is free from royalties. All you need to do is pay the set price and download the music. After this, you are free to use the track as you see fit.

When you go to download royalty-free music off of the internet you will be met with a huge selection of choice. There are a lot of online websites that offer this type of service.

You are bound to be able to find the type of tracks you are looking for as the genre variations include the likes of; rock, country, R&B, classical, seasonal music, and much more.

Two Things to Remember

It is important to be aware of the various ways in which you can download music from the internet today.

Firstly, you need to make sure that you are downloading via a method that’s legal.

Secondly, you need to ensure that you are getting a good deal – i.e. value for your money. Thankfully, royalty free music provides all of this and more.

Are you using royalty-free music?

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