5 Effective Tricks to Get Rid of Snakes


Many homeowners feel terrified even with the name of the snake. Several people have ophidiophobia (abnormal fear for snakes). Remember, numerous snakes in North America are non-poisonous. These can be good for your garden by feasting on several pests. It doesn’t mean you should have them around.  If you see a snake, immediately call Houston Snake Removal to get rid of them.

Snakes can be expected in a big yard with several insects and plants. Presence of snakes can be an indication of a healthy ecosystem. You can use a broom to push a non-venomous snake toward the external door. If you fear a snake is venomous, you should call animal control to trap this snake.

Try to confine a snake in a room, such as shut the door and seal its opening by wedging a towel. Keep pets and children away from this area until Denver Snake Removal comes and captures the snake.


#1 Leave a Snake Alone

Sometimes, a snake will automatically leave your house if you give opportunity and time. After finding a snake in the garage, shut the inside doors, and open outside doors to encourage the snake to leave your house. The snake may leave quickly. It is a reliable and straightforward approach to remove a snake.


#2 Push a non-venomous Snake in a Trash Can

If you are not frightened with a snake, you can try to set it in a large trash can. Use a broom to push the snake in the trash can. After putting the snake in the can, tightly close the lid and tip this can upright. Now you can take this snake into woods, slowly remove the lid and give sufficient time to snake to come out.


#3 Use Water Hose to Remove Snake

If a non-venomous snake is hanging near your home, you can use spray it with a water hose. Use a water pipe to lightly spray the snake to force it to move away from your yard or house. Garter snakes can be removed with this method.


#4 Target Pest Problems of Your House

Snakes like to eat slugs, crickets, rats, mice, voles, and moles. If your house has pests, you should work to remove them from your home. Your backyard or garden should not be a source of snake’s food.


#5 Increase Security of Outdoor Pets

Snakes can snatch eggs from your chicken coops and bunnies out of hutches. You will need extra security for your backyard with animals. They can invite snakes to have some food. Use special enclosures to protect your animals from predators. Consider these arrangements:

  • Cover all vents in the roof or wall with hardware cloth
  • Wrap the whole cage in a hardware cloth
  • Keep doors closed so they should not become an entry point for snakes
  • Replace and repair damaged boards, hardware cloth and roofing material swiftly

If you want to keep snake outs, spread pine cones, holly leaves, rose bush clippings, egg shells and rock chips. Spread uncomfortable material to keep the snake out of your flowerbeds and vegetable garden.

Are you trying to get rid of a snake?

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