5 Things Car Lovers Need To Know These Signs of Engine Repair


Driving a car hundreds of miles may seem to be a lot of fun and easy-to-do tasks. Right! And why not, who wants to see a car that is parked in the same place for several days.

It is necessary to take care of the car to see it moving. But how? Regular services. It helps in ensuring all components and systems are in top-notch shape. Mersey Street Garage can be a great consideration in this regard.

Apart from regular service, it is also crucial to have a check on the heart of the vehicle that’s called the engine.

So below are some of the engine repair signs that must not be neglected.


#1 Increase in the exhaust smoke

This is one of the prime things that a driver must notice. If you see a large amount of smoke coming out from the exhaust then might be your vehicle’s engine is in trouble.

Depending upon the color of the smoke you can examine the problem immediately. Here are some of the examples that may help you in identifying the issue.

Blue color smoke signifies burning oil, white smoke is a sign of burning coolant and black smoke indicates too much gasoline is being utilized.


#2 Leakage

If you ever see fluid leaking from the front part of your car you should immediately call a technician and get it repaired.

Since the car uses different types of fluids such as brake fluid, engine fluid, etc, that’s the reason you should have a proper check at them because it needs proper amounts of fluids to work adequately.

Certain types of leakages can be detrimental to the engine if not repaired on time.


#3 Loud knocking sound

If your car engine sounds like stones in a washing machine as you drive down the path you’re clearly in for some sort of engine repair.

The engine’s running parts rest on engine bearings and if they grow worn out due to high mileage or poor lube they will start to make the loud knocking noise.

Andrew Whaite from Tram Inn Garage says that if your engine is making unusual sounds, it’s a good idea to take it in and have a professional make sure everything’s working the way it should. Otherwise, you need to spend extra bucks for replacing the bottom end of the engine.


#4 Have a check on the engine light

When the engine light turns on be sure to take it to a workshop for proper diagnostics as quickly as possible.

There is a number of conditions that can turn on this light, and not all of them certainly have to do with the engine itself.

Though, if you enable an intricacy to go unchecked it will probably become more serious which will point to an enlarged restoration bill. Protect yourself time and money and have the circumstances diagnosed as promptly as it shows.


#5 Power generation is less

With some older vehicles, there may be a possibility that there’s a bit of loss in power.

But if the power loss is sudden and extreme, you will require to visit the nearest workshop for getting your vehicle checked. Because there could be a possibility that your engine might be at risk.

The engine is the heart of your car, so do your best to take care of it by providing it with regular maintenance, including routine oil changes.

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