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D:\Документы Дианы\EgWgjtmX0AIyksG.jpgDigital innovations keep changing our lifestyle. An electronic signature is a new technology in the age of digital transformation, but it has already spread over many companies at great speed.

However, it is not always well understood and correctly implemented. Contrary to what many people might think, the electronic signature is not a handwritten signature that was scanned.

It’s just a set of codes that allows digital documents to be authenticated and officially approved in minutes or even seconds.

Therefore, this technology is able to elevate any regular business to a modern one by increasing its efficiency.

The cloud platform SignNow went even further and brought this service to the whole new level by providing the full automation of the most complex workflows involving e-signatures.

Let`s go into more detail and explore why SignNow is considered to be one of the best programs to sign documents.


The Benefits of SignNow

The service providers highlight 4 main advantages of their product:

  • The growth of users’ revenue. It is achieved by a shorter cycle of collecting contracts and therefore, by closing more deals in less time. Studies prove that the revenue of the companies that use the service increases as much as by 5%.

  • Environmental sustainability due to a reduced amount of paper use. Aside from improved eco-friendliness, this point is also important in economic terms, as shutting off scanning, printing, and delivering papers helps prune the budget and save precious time. The employees of large companies such as Zoom and Tech Data save an average of 40 hours per month thanks to SignNow.

  • The full security of the documents. All the measures taken to protect the data are compliant with enforceable standards. Two-factor authentication is in use, and all files are encrypted.

  • The remote and offline accessibility. The service can be accessed from a mobile device, and the users can sign papers and receive signatures anywhere and anytime.

The Useful Features of SignNow

SignNow’s developers have enhanced their platform with plenty of useful tools and functions. They are as follows:

  • Both Android and IOS are used to collect and save signatures.

  • SignNow can be connected and integrated with such applications and programs as MS Word, Gmail, Dropbox, Oracle, AWS, Google Drive, and many others. So, while working in one of them, there is no need to close it in order to open SignNow.

  • There is an option to collect and generate document templates to automate their further signing.

  • All electronic signatures are carried out by an electronic certification service provider, and therefore, they are reliable and have the full legal value.

  • Payments can be collected through the system by adding a special section to a form.

  • It is possible to add advanced fields and sections to a document that has to be filled in.

  • A signing order is easily managed – there is an opportunity to assign roles, add notifications and signers, etc.

  • In the case of a group of people working on some important documents together, a team setting can be used to control this kind of activity.

  • The Kiosk mode is introduced with an eye to gathering in-person data from iOS devices.

  • It is possible to add a company`s logo to emails and papers.

  • All changes in the documents can be tracked through the Audit Trail function.

  • A signing link is to be created to quickly collect and share data and payments.

  • Reminders are set to ensure that recipients would sign your documents in time.

  • The expiration date of a document can be modified.

  • A special notification arrives instantly, should a recipient decline to sign your contract.

These are some of the most important tools of the platform; however, there is much more to explore.


Where Is SignNow Used?

Among the customers of SignNow are some of the biggest tech, pharmaceutical, accounting, and real-estate companies, such as Xerox, Evotek, Great Virtual Works, Zoom, Optica Ventures LLC, Martin Properties, and others. This system is able to positively affect any kind of industry and designed to be used in:

  • Healthcare – for collecting patients` data online and storing their medical histories securely;

  • Sales and business operations – for getting multiple agreements with partners and customers signed and stored;

  • Finance and accounting – for minimizing errors in statistical and financial reports and sharing invoices and tax forms instantly;

  • Human Resources – for speeding up recruitment and on-boarding processes;

  • Legal industry – for managing multiple legal forms efficiently;

  • Government agencies – for keeping all data as much secure as possible;

  • High tech – for enabling the fast launch of new projects;

  • Education – for handling academic paperwork easier and faster;

  • Real Estate – for sharing lease agreements and payment requests with customers;

  • Insurance – for working with clients efficiently and improving deadlines.

  • Construction industry – for arranging project-related data and keeping it in a single place.

Why Choose SignNow?

As a part of the airSlate business cloud, SignNow has served over 20 million users worldwide in over 9 years.

It has received an average score of 9.1/10 and 4.7/5 in user reviews on G2Crowd, Gartner’s, and Capterra, which is higher than the ratings of most other services considered to be reliable.

It has also won awards for ease of use and implementation. Therefore, with millions of users and award-winning customer service, this platform has been recognized as one of the best e-signature providers for businesses.

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