What Are The Benefits of Resealable Mylar Bags For Snacks & Food

For businesses in the food and snack industry, finding ways to get your products from your facility to your consumers’ hands can be the toughest part of the process.

There are many packaging options to choose from ranging from plastic tubs to cardboard boxes, but most options leave a lot to be desired.

Resealable mylar bags are one of the best custom flexible packaging options on the market for companies selling high-quality food and snacks. These are just a few of the amazing benefits these bags offer.


They Extend the Shelf-Life

Nothing is worse than opening a product only to find that it’s bad or stale. Resealable mylar bags keep dust, dirt, light and moisture from impacting the freshness of the food inside.

This means retailers are able to keep products on the shelves longer and customers will be able to enjoy fresh snacks long after you ship them to the store.

Even better, the bags keep the food fresher once your customers open the package, allowing them to enjoy your products until the bag is empty. They won’t have to feel guilty about throwing out stale products.


Kids Won’t Be Able To Get Inside Easily

Parents like being able to monitor what their children eat when they’re young. Child proof mylar bags make this incredibly easy to do.

The seals require dexterity and coordination that young children find it difficult to manage on their own. This is especially important when the foods you’re creating include ingredients that are expensive or unsuitable for young children.

When parents feel that their products are safe and won’t end up getting eaten by someone that won’t appreciate them, they’ll be more tempted to buy your brand in the future.


Resealable Mylar Bags Add Perceived Value

Most customers choose products based on their packaging designs. They actively look for products that are simple to store and easy to access when they want to grab a bite.

If you pack your products in standard boxes or tubs, they’ll blend in with others on the shelf. Worse, customers may perceive your brand as lower quality. By using custom flexible packaging options as part of your marketing efforts, you’ll add perceived value to your products.

Resealable mylar bags provide a 2-in-1 solution for your customers. It keeps the products safe on the shelf and includes a built-in storage solution that eliminates the need for your customers to buy additional bags, clips, and containers.


The Bags Are Easy To Display

The more marketable and attractive you can make your products, the easier it will be for stores to display them on the shelves. With high-quality custom flexible packaging options, you’ll make your products display-worthy.

Resealable mylar bags and child-resistant mylar bags are easy to set on shelves, hang from clip-strips and build eye-catching displays on endcaps. The easier it is for stores to get your products in front of customers, the more products you’ll end up selling and the more repeat orders you’ll receive.

Figuring out the best way to package your food products can be difficult. Using resealable mylar bags will help your products stay fresh and look attractive to prospective consumers while they’re on the shelf.

Keep these benefits in mind when deciding on the best packaging materials for your products.

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