Does AutoZone Offer Free Battery Replacement?

You count on your auto battery for dependable power inside your vehicle. Maybe you don’t think about it much until you turn the key and hear…nothing. Or perhaps your engine chugs and chugs, struggling to turn over with what little power it can muster.

Those telltale signs mean that you need to replace your battery, and you’re naturally concerned about the cost. Fortunately, swapping out your battery can be both convenient and affordable.

This quick guide can help you make sense of your options.

How Much Does AutoZone Charge to Charge a Battery?

Most car batteries and powersports batteries last between three and five years. That lifespan depends on your climate and driving habits: Hot temperatures and humid weather cause increased damage and water loss.

Proper maintenance can help your battery last longer. Keep it fully charged, avoid leaving your lights on, and don’t leave accessories plugged in. Ensure that your battery’s top and terminals stay clean and are free of dirt and debris.

But say you accidentally leave your headlights on, or your battery cables are loose. You come out to your trusty vehicle and turn the ignition key, but it doesn’t start.

No worries. AutoZone offers battery test and charging services at all its locations. Its fast and accurate testing gives you an inside look at your battery’s health, so you know when you’ll need to replace it.

With its Duralast chargers, your battery is recharged in 30 minutes. And the best part? Both services are free.

The Best Battery Replacements For Your Car

Getting a speedy recharge is one thing, but what if your battery is on its last legs? Finding your replacement is also fast and easy.

Batteries come in a wide range of prices, but you can certainly find affordable models that help you get back on the road. Most retailers, including AutoZone, let you search by your auto’s make, model, year, and engine type.

Make sure you have this info ready when you’re browsing batteries, as it helps you more quickly narrow down to models that fit your vehicle. Also learn why installing a top post car battery is important.

Once you find a battery selection for your auto, your next task is picking one that best fits your needs. You may notice models from ACDelco, Odyssey, Valuecraft, Duralast, or Econocraft. Duralast Gold or Platinum editions deliver extra power and performance if your power needs are higher than the average driver’s.

Odyssey and Optima gel versions are excellent if you drive in extreme editions. Pay attention to each battery’s cold-cranking amps rating: the number of amps a 12-volt battery generates at 0°F for 30 seconds while maintaining at least 7.2 volts. Choose a CCA of at least 650 if live in extremely cold climates. I

f you do just an average amount of driving, an ACDelco or Valuecraft can get you back on the road without spending a fortune.

A Few Last Words on Auto Batteries

Every part and system inside your vehicle plays an important part, but its battery is among the most critical.

Before you’re left dead in the water, it’s wise to keep an eye on your battery’s health. When you need a replacement, choose a model that delivers the performance you need at a reasonable price.

Now that you have your battery in good shape you’ll want to consider vehicle tires.  After all, you’ll need 4 of them and you can’t drive without them.  I personally like BF Goodrich tires and without them, you’ll be going nowhere.

So take some time to look at not only your battery but your tires.

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