Patio Covers: Everything You Need to Know, from the Shade Structure to Hiring a Professional


When you plan on buying a patio cover, there are many things to know before you settle for one. Ask yourself which shade structure is good for you, which are the materials that you need and if you want to do it by yourself or hire someone. In case you want to hire someone, you should ask yourself what kind of contract should you sign.

Getting a new patio cover is not an easy thing to go through, so we are here to give you some pieces of advice on how to choose the one that suits you best. Royal Covers might be just what you need to make sure you check them out.


Which shade structure should I get?

It is good to know that shade structures comes in many shapes and sizes, and every piece is unique.



Pergola is very common in people’s backyards. They cover patios, decks and, why not, walkways. They can also create a comfy place for chilling around, reading a book or having a delicious meal outdoors.

You can get the well-known columns, or purlins, why not rafters – there are plenty of designs to choose from.



This is the first thing people think about when it comes to shading. They’re very affordable and quite casual. And, as you already know, it comes in all shapes and sizes and colors.



Lattice is what you need if your home is modern. You might think of wood, and you might be right. However, if you want durability and great performance, you might want to think about an Alumawood lattice cover.


Which is the patio cover material I should get?

We all want a patio cover that will last longer. There are many pros and cons when it comes to the material. We’re going to give you the best options out there.



Vinyl patio covers mean more light and more money saved. You won’t have to worry about cleaning or painting it.



Wood is what will give you the best durability, especially if we’re talking about natural wood. It’s solid, and you have many options, colors, and finishes. It’s also easier to match the structure of your backyard and the overall exterior.



This one gives you sun protection and also protection against harsh elements. We recommend you to get an aluminum shade structure for your patio.



With alumawood, you can get the affordable, timeless and durable structure.

It’s quite similar to aluminum panels. It also looks like wood – authentic wood – and it has the best moisture resistance mechanism. It also comes with maintenance-free perks – just like vinyl does.

If you want to hire a professional team you need the right equipment.

Make sure that the team that comes to install your patio cover has everything they need in order to do the work. If they do, they won’t make the classic mistakes you were trying to avoid when you decided you cannot do it yourself. Your new patio will look amazing after it’s done.


Know all the Safety Standards

You want to be safe at all times. This is one of the main reasons why you need to hire a professional. You don’t want it to crash during one of your events there – as it has happened with many of the DIY patio covers.

Are you looking at getting a patio cover?

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