3 Tips to Setup Your Stores Retail Floor Plan to Earn More


If you have a physical business space, your floor plan and store layout always matter. They decide whether customers come through those doors or not.

They’re also the things which dictate whether you’re in keeping with things like health and safety. You could say, then, that getting this right is fundamental. But, have you ever considered how the right store floor plan could help your finances?

As well as getting customers through your doors, a decent floor plan can secure sales. By thinking about this from a money angle, you can soon see a roaring trade. Obviously, the outside of your store matters, too.

You need to take care of things like eye-catching window displays and a logo everyone can see. But, once customers are in your store, you can convince them to part with their cash by putting the following plans in place.


#1 Make Your Products Easy to See

First, present your products in a way which makes them easy to see. If customers have to rummage in an endless pile for every item, you’re never going to get those sales.

By comparison, displaying items on shelving units or commercial clothing racks is sure to benefit your bank balance. These allow you to arrange products in an organized system which doesn’t require rummaging. Keeping on top of options like these also ensures customers can see what you have to offer without effort.

That ensures they head straight to items which interest them without any risk of their losing interest beforehand.



#2 Put High-Price Items at the Front

This is a method that successful businesses have been using for years, and it’s one which could really benefit you, too. Putting higher-priced items at the front of your store can help your finances for two reasons.

Number one – this can help to draw customers in by showing your best quality stuff first. Number two – it makes it more likely that impulse shoppers will pick up the expensive stuff. Both of which can see you pulling in much larger profits every day.

#3 Make Use of Your Queue Layouts

Last, you want to think about your queues. If you don’t utilize the area around your till you’re wasting the opportunity of customers who have no choice but to wait.

By placing shelves around your till area, you can double the impulse purchases you enjoy each day. Bear in mind that large, high-priced items aren’t going to work here. You want to focus on little additions to the items your customers already have by this stage. If you sell clothes, for instance, jewelry and accessories are sure to work well.

If you sell electronics, batteries and cleaning equipment here always go down a treat. These are small afterthoughts for your customers which could end up supporting your bank balance all on their own.

As you can see, it’s easy to experience high returns here for very little effort. So, what are you waiting for? Go and start perfecting your financial floor plan today.

What are you doing to set up your store’s retail plan to earn more?

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