3 Symptoms That Require Immediate Medical Attention


One of the worst feelings is being unsure about your own health and safety.

With so many people around the nation having issues with their medical insurance, their financial health, and their physical health, there are many people who struggle to know when they should seek medical help, such as by looking for “urgent care near me” or when their symptoms can be treated in some other way.

So to help you feel a little more confident in making decisions about your own health and medical treatment, here are three symptoms that require immediate medical attention and shouldn’t be left on their own or delayed for treatment.

1. Face-Arms-Speech Stroke Signs

There are a few tell-tale signs that a person is having a stroke that doesn’t actually appear to be too scary when they first happen.

With other medical emergencies, it can be very obvious that there’s something wrong and that you need to see a doctor immediately. But with a stroke, the signs can be more subtle. That’s why, according to Kashmira Gander, a contributor to the Independent, you need to act FAST.

FAST stands for Face-Arms-Speech-Time. If you notice someone whose face is drooping on one side, who can’t lift their arms above their head or have numbness in their arms and is having slurred speech, you need to act fast to get them medical help now, as they may be having a stroke.

2. Blood In Your Urine or Stool

Another symptom that should have you going for medical help is if you notice blood or urine in the stool. According to Kate Bayless, a contributor to Prevention.com, blood in your urine or your stool can be a sign that other major problems are taking place in your body, from major infections or internal bleeding.

Especially if you have a lot of blood from multiple times going to the bathroom, or you have other symptoms like fever, pain, or a rash on your skin, you’ll want to get to the hospital as soon as possible to get everything checked out and get the help you need.

3. Trouble Breathing Or A Tightness In Your Chest

If you or someone you’re with is ever having trouble breathing or tightness in the chest, it’s time to get to the ER immediately. Bayless shares that difficulty breathing can be caused by all types of issues, including COPD, asthma, pneumonia, heart attack, and more.

Your body needs oxygen to survive, so if you’re not getting the air that your body needs, it’s important that you get to the doctor so they can help you start to breathe normally again.

If there’s ever a time when you or someone near you is experiencing one of the above-mentioned symptoms, make sure you get the medical help you need as soon as possible.

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