The 5 Key Pillars of a Successful Business


Running a successful business can look easy from the outside but that tends to be because the people at the top are making it look easy. It’s rarely as simple as you think it will be. There are some things that all of these successful businesses seem to get right, and it’s these that make up the core pillars of a successful business.

It’s time to look more closely at those key pillars and why they’re so important to entrepreneurs like you.


#1 A Cohesive Team

Having a cohesive team in place is vital because no business succeeds without everyone working together and pulling in the same direction. And despite what we might hear about certain famous entrepreneurs, no business succeeds because of the efforts of one man.

It’s a team effort and you should be avoiding tricking yourself into believing otherwise. When you have a sold team, focus on getting everyone working as one.


#2 Sales Knowledge

Having a strong understanding of sales and sales operations is a vital part of running any kind of business in pretty much any sector. If you’re not clinching sales and getting the money through the door, your business is going to struggle.

You should always be working to understand sales better and rectify any problems in your approach to it going forward. This kind of learning should always be continuous.


#3 Strong and Decisive Leadership

Leadership is important in a business. That doesn’t mean that the leader is doing all the work and dictating to everyone else in the office. Instead, it’s about offering general guidance and motivation.

The best kinds of leaders are the ones that are open to criticisms, willing to listen and able to inspire the people around them. Those are the traits you should try your best to embody.


#4 Financial Management

Strong financial management is one of those things that all businesses have to get right if they’re going to have a productive and healthy future. You can only last for so long with messy finances before the whole situation begins to backfire on your business.

Hire an accountant and make sure that your business is tracking spending and balancing the books each month.


#5 Good Customer Service

Good customer service is one of those things that’s hard to get right but is worth putting the effort into. Customers can tell when they’re valued and when they’re just seen as another number on a screen. If you show good customer service, they’ll feel valued by your business and be more likely to keep buying your products or services. It really is as simple as that, so it’s something that you should try to work on in the months ahead.

Now you know exactly what it takes to build a successful and sustainable business, you can start working on these core aspects of your business. It won’t necessarily be easy to get them all right and it’ll probably never be as perfect as you want it to be, but the trick is to keep improving.

Is your business following these five pillars?

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