The Status of Commissioning and the Technology Evolution


Commissioning has always been a crucial part of most projects. The managers involved in these activities have the task of ensuring that all the standards are met before they hand over the project as part of their commissioning roles. Technology has been integrated deeply to make the commissioning systems better and easier to conduct.

The managers, therefore, have a lot to learn and to teach those below them. It is evolving continuously and most of these changes cannot be avoided. Otherwise, they will be left many steps behind.

This article looks at the evolution of commissioning and the surrounding technology. It will also examine the future of commissioning.


Past Commissioning Technology

In the past, the commissioning managers had to cope with a lot of paperwork. All the checklists were prepared on hard copy files, which were cumbersome to carry around the work sites.

During the evaluation processes, the devices were not adequate either. The level of accuracy was relatively low compared to what we have now. Also, inspecting a project and preparing a report would take significantly more time than today.

With time, technology has changed this sector at a fast pace. Managers with many years of experience can attest that things are significantly better today. The building and construction industry is now a totally a different sector. The commissioning managers have all the reasons to thank technology.


Current Commissioning Technology

Young managers who are just graduating from schools are equipped with knowledge and skills to embrace technology in making their work easier and better. Those who have been in the field for a long time have no option other than to change with time.

The use of apps and software that plan and organize work have dominated the sector today. Managers can now move around with smartphones that carry all the information they need. This information includes checklists, reminders, work timelines and reports. They can easily make a presentation using a phone and a projector. If not, they will use their laptops to do this.

Technology has indeed closed a large gap in the commissioning sector. People now require innovative projects that involve a lot of details. With technology, checking the standards is easier. Also, technology has reduced the timeline to deliver results without compromising quality.

Some of the activities are synchronized to report directly to various groups once the project is complete. It is indeed a great transformation and evolution.


Future Commissioning Technology

People in project management and the innovators of technology are working closely to come up with even better ways of doing things.

Better apps that are even more intuitive to use and connected with all parties are expected to release. Smart cameras that will detect faults and areas that need corrections are also on the way. All these are meant to assist people in making rational decisions.

Commissioning remains a paramount stage in any project, and evolution in technology is serving it very well. It is a good thing that this sector is not left behind even by one step. This way, we can only expect a brighter future.

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