The 5 Benefits of a Co-Working Space


Coworking spaces are cropping up all over.

Most big cities have at least one coworking office. Where freelancers, business owners, and other self-employed professionals, as well as those with hobbies that require them to spend some time working from a computer or in an office, can rent a space, or even use them for free in some cases. This gives them a space to work without the distractions of home life. Which, as more of us leave the confines of traditional employment, seeking a chance to make our own way in the world, is more essential than ever.

A coworking space isn’t quite the same as renting an office. When you rent an office, you get a private area. This could be a large office or conference room, to house a small or medium team or a private office or cubicle for one. But, even if you rented a large office, you’d all be working together for the same company or on the same project.

It’s a fantastic option when your team needs more space, or if you usually all work from home but need somewhere big enough to all get together occasionally. It’s also perfect for freelancers or self-employed workers that are struggling to focus at home. Sometimes you can get a lot more done in the peace and professional atmosphere that a private office allows.

Coworking spaces are more of a jumble. You either take out a membership, which allows you access to the coworking space whenever you want. Or, you hire a desk for a specific time. You are working in a large area, surrounded by strangers, all working on different projects and ideas. Some people find this type of working distracting. But, for others, it has a great many advantages. Let’s look at some of them.


#1 Conquering Loneliness

One of the few negatives of working from home is loneliness. Even if you enjoy working alone and like spending time on your own, you can miss the camaraderie that comes with working in a shared office as an employee.

Even if you didn’t even socialize with your workmates, they were there. You were around people all day. There was someone to say hi to or offer a smile as you passed in the corridor. There was watercooler gossip and a sense of team.

When you work alone, you lose that. Even if you can take some time out, most of your friends will be at work, and you can easily go for days without speaking to anyone.

This can be bad for your mood, your mental health, and even your productivity. You might think that you’d get more done alone, but in reality, we tend to procrastinate, get bored, and find distractions when we’re unable to take a short break for a chat.  Rent move-in private office with Execu-Suites.

In a coworking space, you are surrounded by strangers. All of whom have chosen to work around other people. This often makes for a friendly and approachable bunch.

These spaces often include coffee machines, kitchens, snacks, comfortable seating, and somewhere to relax. All encouraging a break from loneliness.



#2 Networking

Networking is always good for business, and many people that use coworking spaces are looking to make connections.

Even if you work as a sole trader or freelancer and think you don’t need anyone else, you could meet potential clients, build relationships with designers that could one day help you to develop your website or photographers that could help you with some headshots.

Other people can always help a business and coworking is a great way to meet them in a natural environment.


#3 Inspiration

Another big problem with working alone from home is creativity. It can be easy to find yourself with a creative block when you are on your own and surrounded by the same four walls every day. When you are surrounded by other creatives, chatting and sharing ideas, you are bound to find inspiration and creativity yourself.


#4 Energy

You will also pick up on their energy. When ideas are flying around, and everyone is keen to work, the atmosphere is charged. No one hires a space for a rest.

They do it to push themselves and to get more done. This energy is infectious, and you could find that you get a lot more done when you are working in a coworking space, making it well worth the money.


#5 Access to Experts

If you are stuck on something. Perhaps a part of your business that’s not really in your field of expertise, anything from accounting to HTML, there is bound to be an expert to help in your coworking space. Everyone is happy to help each other.

It’s like having a team of experts without having to pay for it.

Are you using coworking spaces for your business?

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  1. coworking spaces are specially very beneficial for freelancers. they get space to work out of home where they get environment to work. they get to interact with people and upgrade themselves

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