2 True Modern Skills An Employee Needs


There are many business blogs on the internet. Dig a little, or maybe somewhat deep, and you will likely find a post detailing ‘the best skills you should look for in employees.’ Now, this is not to denigrate those articles. They are important. Hiring correctly and in line with the meritocracy of your firm is an excellent starting point.

However, you can only hear ‘punctual, good at communication and hardworking’ so many times. You know that’s what you want in an employee. You needn’t have your intelligence insulted by this. After all, if you know how to run a company, you likely know how to hire staff.

The modern market is run by many different platforms than it used to be. While before these base skills could have helped you tremendously, now employees need more abilities than ever to get the job done well. But what are those skills, and what do they mean in 2018?

Let’s explore:


#1 Software Planning Familiarity

If your business isn’t running with a form of digital component, it’s amazing you’ve made it this far. The convenience and ability of modern software systems to automate many processes is a miracle.

Using them well is another matter. When systems are automated and plans are digitized and sent to your entire workforce in a matter of moments, precision accuracy is important.

This means that knowing how to operate planning software like those offered by BCI Worldwide https://www.bciworldwide.com/technology/ can offer you a wide array of potentials. It must also be handled with care.

The full features of a program can enhance your business to the next level, but when cloud shared and easily accessible, the manager of this system needs to know what they’re doing.

Have your interviewee tell you of times when they used similar software, and what the major applications of that were. Prove their familiarity, and if not prove they are capable of learning it.

These systems are often quite easy to pick up, but have depth enough for mastery – and that is what matters.


#2 Social Media Respectability

This is a strange one. More and more, people associated with your firm are digitally tied to it. For example, people can list your firm as somewhere they work on their Facebook profile.

If they also post a tirade of intense political opinions from either leaning, that can reflect badly on your firm. It’s not your fault this happens, but you are associated with the decision to hire that person.

It might be they have strange hobbies or are very suggestive in the pictures they upload. It’s not wrong to make sure whoever you hire has a degree of social media respectability on all platforms before you hire them.

Also, try to make this a policy. It’s not hard for staff to follow, and not hard for you to discipline them if they do something that could be reasonably considered a bad public image to keep.

These two tips can go a long way in offering the modern skills and attitudes an employee must exercise in the modern marketplace.

What modern skills do you require your employees to have?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.


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