3 Ways to Go Above And Beyond For Your Company


There are a few ways that you’ll find yourself running a company. You might have inherited it from a family member, you might have built it from the ground up on your own, or you might have become a CEO through years and years of hard work and trust being built.

So, once you have the privilege of running a business, you don’t want to lose it. You should always be going above and beyond to make sure your staff and customers are happy, and that your business is staying afloat. But how many business owners do you think put in maximum effort to keep their business going up and up?

You’d be shocked to find that almost all business owners take a back seat as soon as things start getting comfortable. Hardly any of them go above and beyond to take their business to greatness. It’s one of the reasons why there are so many small businesses, and hardly any big ones in comparison!

So to stop you becoming another statistic, here are just a few ways that you can go above and beyond for your business.


#1 Employee Satisfaction

People are always so focused on keeping their customers happy. They’ll put nearly all of their efforts into making sure the customer is always the first in line, and employees often aren’t thought about until further down the line. There couldn’t be a worse way to go about things.

Yes, customers are the reason why your business is where it is today, but who do you think helped give you the manpower to keep those customers happy, to keep them ordering all the time, and to generally keep the business afloat.

It is a common misconception that the company owners do all of the hard work. It is, in fact, the employees that you’re hiring that are keeping the cogs turning so easily.

They’re skilled in what they do, and they’re working for your company because they want/need to. One thing a lot of business owners seem to forget about is the safety of them.

One of the main that is forgotten about is break-ins. A lot of companies work 24/7, but that doesn’t eliminate the risk factor of thieves. If you employee security guards to patrol the area, their satisfaction levels should go on the rise. A lot of employees don’t feel safe in terms of health and safety either.

Make sure you’re always providing the best equipment, the right equipment, and everyone who works for you that could see a potential health and safety risk is trained to deal with it safely. You also need to think about how you’re treating them. For one, it should always be fairly.

A lot of employees don’t see their actual CEO’s, but what they do have to deal with is the managers employed to run the store or manage the shifts etc. So, make sure you’re keeping them in line before you even think about how the employees right at the bottom are working.

A lot of them get power hungry, when you give them that power, they use it in the worst possible way. You’ll often find the employees at the very bottom of the scale being treated poorly, overworked, and generally not happy in their job. You should always be implementing a fun yet firm working environment.

Boundaries should be adhered to, but if you want to keep happy employees, you need to have some element of fun in the workplace.


#2 Attending Events

You should always be the face of your company. A lot of business owners hide behind a brand and let the employees do the work. For bigger companies, it is not often seen that a CEO will be on the front line when it comes to things like events.

But potential customers like to see the real deal, and having your face there will show that to them. Even worse than not showing up to one, is not attending them at all as a company. Trading, conference, and charity events are all something you should really consider attending.

They’re a great marketing strategy that allows you to be full on rather than waiting weeks for results. You’re meeting the people that could be buying from you face to face, you’re giving them the information you need, and you’re showing them that you’re an active CEO.

Plus, nobody knows more about your company than yourself, so you’ll be able to give them the vital information that they need. Moreover, attending events is actually really fun. They’re a chance to get out and about and meet the public. They’re also a great way of switching up the working day for your employees.


#3 Your Dedication

Your dedication is going to reflect massively on your company. As we’ve said, it is easy for CEO’s to take a bit of a back seat when there are enough people employed to do the hard work for them.

This is when you should be pushing yourself to take more of an active role. Your employees need you more than you might think. They’ll look to you for guidance, and there will be problems that will occur along the way that can only be dealt with properly for you.

Yet so many CEO’s pushes even the most important jobs onto the managers that they’ve hired below them. Take an active role right up until your time has come to retire.

Be there day in day out, working the same hours as your employees, and making sure you’re on hand to deal with anything that might be urgent.

Even if you feel like you’ve earnt a well-earned break from the daily grind of a 9-5 day, you’ve got to remember that the fate of your company is resting on your shoulders.

You also need to be dedicated to the growth of your company. Make sure you’re actively seeking out ways that you can be involved in the drive for more money, more custom, and a better business in general.

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