How to Manage your Business Utilities and Reduce Costs

Reducing costs can range from smart, innovative decisions to just a sprinkle of common sense. In the end, both approaches get the job done.

Efficiently managing utility costs is essential for any business. For instance, if faced with high water bills, you can explore negotiating with your current supplier for cost reductions or researching alternative suppliers by working with SwiftSwitch or other utility comparison companies who will be able to find tailored contracts to suit your needs and help save you money in the long run.

Similarly, reducing energy consumption can yield substantial savings, whether through investing in energy-efficient LED bulbs or solar panels. While these are just examples, here’s a detailed rundown on how to manage your business utilities and reduce costs.

Audit your Energy

Businesses are common culprits for wasting energy, and send billions down the drain as a direct result of their neglect.  Put simply, this useless way of doing things needs to change fast, and the responsibility starts with you. It’s time to take the reigns and get in charge of what’s going on in your company!

Audits are the go-to tool for any curious company out there. If you need some insight into your businesses inner going on, from profits to utility bills, then the audit can provide something akin to a bird’s eye view of it all. The money flowing in and out of your company is tracked via the audit, so start examining where you can do better with your utility usage!

Turn Everything Off

Some businesses like to leave the lights on in their premises overnight. They might think it will dissuade burglars from breaking in, as it can look as if there are people in the office. However, the likelihood of this happening is very low, and in the end, they are wasting enormous amounts of energy on a nightly basis for the sake of something that might happen once in a blue moon.

It goes without saying, but everything should be turned off in your business when it’s not in use. After all, think of all the accumulated energy that is being used by lights, computers, printers and TVs and microwaves in the kitchen too!

It can be a safety hazard also, as computers can overheat and break down or explode from excessive use. Walk a lap of the office at the end of the evening and make sure everything is off!

Better Deals

Contrary to the numerous cold calls you no doubt receive about your domestic energy plans; your supplier can make all the difference in reducing costs. Some can seek to overcharge and exploit you, especially if you’re a still green SME owner who’s only just taken the plunge. Consequently, you should take a moment to rethink your current commercial energy contracts.

However, it’s never too late to change supplier and more refined ones are always out there. In the end, you just need to know where to look for that better bargain! For example, Utility Wise offer comparisons on electricity deals, helping you find the right deal for you.

Choosing a better commercial energy contract can mean your business saves money, and some research and scouting around will help you unearth those richer opportunities.

What are you doing to cut your business utility cost?

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