3 Signs You’re A Respected Leader


If you occupy any kind of leadership role in your business, then it is likely that you want to occupy it as fully as possible. There are many things that you might want to achieve in such a role, especially as you know that you hold a particularly powerful position within the company.

Something which every leader needs in order to do their job as well as possible is respect for their employees. Those working immediately below you need to know that they can respect and trust your leadership – but how can you be sure that they do?

Let’s take a look at a few signs that those individuals really do respect your leadership within the business.


#1 People Come To You For Help

If they respect you, ultimately that means that they will seek out your help on whatever might be bothering them or standing in their way at work.

If you find that people are routinely coming to you to ask you for your help, then you can be sure that they at least respect your level of knowledge and understanding within the business.

This is certainly a good sign and something to be celebrated – but make sure that nobody is taking advantage of you.

There is often a fine line between being considered a useful knowledge resource and being considered a wise leader, so make sure you know the difference well.


#2 You Command The Room

Something that you will always be taught in leadership training courses is how to effectively command a room. It is incredibly useful to learn those specific skills, but it is equally true that if you are an effective enough leader you will probably find yourself commanding the room most of the time anyway.

In a sense, this is just a natural result of the people around you looking up to you and respecting you. If you walk into a room and people look to you straight away for guidance, you know that you are being an effective leader whom they need in their midst.

This is a goods place to be in, and something you should both appreciate and make good use of for the sake of the company.


#3 You’re Rising The Ranks


Sometimes the respect you require comes from above, and in many ways, this is the respect which is probably most important to you.

When you have the respect of your superiors, it means that you are more likely to get ahead – and indeed a clear sign that this is being fulfilled is that you are regularly getting promoted and quickly rising the ranks of your company.

This is the clearest sign of all, sit means that you have respect from all sides. This is an enviable position to be in indeed, and not something you should take lightly or for granted.

Make use of it for the benefit of the business, the people around you and your own career. This alone will ensure that you continue to succeed in this way.

Are you a respected leader?  If so what are you doing to make that happen?  Share your thoughts and comments on this article.


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