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sell_my_timeshare_nowDo you want to sell your timeshare now?  With so few options for those who wish to sell their timeshare, I took it upon myself to search the world over for a service that really has their customers at heart.  This is when I came across Sell My Timeshare Now.

Unlike most timeshare resale companies Sell My Timeshare Now has a unique perspective on the market that no other timeshare company has.

With SMTN they focus on bringing qualified buyers in through the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to their website.  In fact, they bring in nearly 12,000 visitors every single day, and over 66% of that traffic is unique visitors who want to buy, sell, or rent a timeshare.

For example, if they rank first in Google for buying a timeshare in Aruba, the chances are this particular person is fairly qualified and wants to buy an Aruban timeshare.  This is exactly how SMTN brings in all of their qualified prospects to their website.

To prove my point of just how much traffic they get look at the picture below.  Here you will see a daily snapshot of how much traffic Sell My Timeshare actually gets per day.

unique_visitors1Now you might be saying any dummy can create a website and sell their timeshare on the web, but I bet they won’t be able to get the kind of traffic that SMTN gets.

You also might be wondering if this company gets that much traffic how many deals could they possibly get?

In one word, TONS!  Just look at the picture below.


In just one day they had 461 offers to purchase or rent a timeshare.  Now I understand that they are just offering but there is a big difference between this and other timeshare resale companies I’ve worked with.

First off, I like the fact that they actually show you the proof of who’s buying and what kind of potential you have to sell your timeshare.  This kind of information just isn’t found with other companies.

Secondly, they give tons of great quality info about selling, buying, and renting your timeshare.  I’ve also found some great info on how to donate your timeshare if you can’t get rid of it.


What I Don’t Like About Sell My Timeshare Now

Sell My Timeshare Now is obviously a legit company and not a scam but to make this review fair I’m also going to cover a few things I do not like.

No Fee Disclosure. This is one of the biggest reasons I dislike companies like this when they do not show their prices.  It just might be me, but I feel when a company shows their pricing it makes everything feel more legit plus I like to know what I’m getting into before I sign up for anything.

The Market Is Competitive. You also have to consider how competitive the market is for people selling their timeshares.  Now obviously people are buying but when you do a search for people selling there are thousands of people looking to sell.  This may make things that much harder for you to find a buyer.  To prove my point look at the picture below.


Above is a picture of just one search I did for timeshares listed between $5,000 to $9,999.  Notice that there are nearly 20,000 results listed and that selling your timeshare is going to be a competitive process.

However, I should also mention there is one good thing about this though, if you are looking to buy a timeshare you’ll probably find a lot of really good deals here.

Your Only Paying For Advertising.  Finally, the last thing you should know is that SMTN is not a broker service that only gets paid when they sell your timeshare.  Instead, they are advertising services listing people timeshares for rent, or for sale.


Call To Action

Is SMTN for you?  To get more info and even a free estimate on what your timeshare is worth check out Sell My Timeshare Now to learn more.

So what are your thoughts about Sell My Timeshare?  Feel free to leave a comment and leave your opinion.

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  1. Hey, I have some folks on my mailing list asking for testimonials of timeshare sales/resales sites. I’m always on the lookout for a good review. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Hi ! I am glad I found this. My parents signed up for this service a month or so ago to both sell and rent their timeshare in Hawaii. I was REALLY concerned as they are over 70 and I noticed the scam articles but also that the complaints were few and far between and most were way back in 2006 and 2009 (for some reason). I saw this and went to the website to try that search and found they had changed the website to narrow down the search with boxes to the left which made it really easy. Also the representative that signed them up was very transparent about their fee and emailed and talked with them for almost 6 weeks before they signed up. No high pressure there! Better yet so anyone who see this knows – they did rent out one of their weeks they had banked which is a free service they offer with the sales ad. Thanks for the article! Bon Nuite!

  3. Margarite: I’m glad the article helped. Let me know how things turn out with your parents. I’m interested to see how their service is, on top of that others that find this article may find this information very valuable as well..

  4. Just sent in to BBB, (for what it’s worth) charges on my card for something I would NEVER allow… upfront fees of $699.99 for rentals? NO! They said something about doing the last minute rental I had with a split, and then after that, we would discuss again. (which there was going to be no buying!) Getting sick, and eventually surgery, and FIL in hospital, we missed the receipt come through until we saw it on our DEBIT card! ARRRGGHHH. Wrong card given, no less! We have told them our story, calmly, and without getting upset. They will not budge! I keep telling them I asked my they needed my card, and some answer was given “about necessary for the acccount”. And then we were billed! And no, the Timeshare wasn’t rented, but it was last minute.

  5. Hi, I’from Argentina. In 2012 me and my wife bought a timeshare in a known hotel in Mexico (Riviera Maya) and due to some financial issues we need to sell it. We really do not know how to do so. I came across SMTN and I don’t know if it’s a good idea…I’m truly scared we pay the fee and then nothing happens…what should we do??? What would you do?…please haelp us…Thanks

  6. I posted above the above, from Sell My Timeshare. I finally had a very nice lady call, who had the authority to help. My story has never changed…. and she acknowleged that mistakes can happen and it would be better for them to return my money, and have someone happy, than to keep it, and have someone upset. Smart! The complete $699.99 was refunded to our credit card. Don’t stop at the front line… YOu MUST get to someone who can help. We were very happy with the way things were handled.

    Augusto: Who is your timeshare with? We have Wyndham and health issues keep us from doing much. There are good companies that do rentals that might could help you make the payments until it’s sold. And if you do it just right, you might even make a few extra bucks! Does your timeshare allow for renting?

    Best wishes.

  7. Hi Augusto, I feel your pain. This is one of the big problems in the timeshare industry these days. I had the same problem back a few years ago when I was trying to sell mine. One thing I suggest is to call the resort and see if they have a buy back option. A lot of times the resort has a 3rd party company that will buy back your timeshare. The only problem is they don’t pay much if anything at all. In my case I was able to get 10 cents on the dollar for mine.

    One point I should make is that you will not get more than you paid for your timeshare. If someone is promising you more than you paid walk away. It’s more than likely a scam. In fact I signed up for 2 timeshare resale companies and both of them pretty much took the money and ran, so my suggestion is to stay away from them.

  8. Thanks for the update Cathy. It’s great to hear that you got your money back. When it comes to situations like this a little leverage can go a long way.

  9. Cathy and Christopher: Thank you very much for your time and advice…our timeshare is with the Mayan Palace Resort (Mexico, Riviera Maya) and the problem when renting it trought a company is that we live “in the end of the world” so that makes things quite complicated (note that recently our currency was depreciated -1 usd=8$-). When we purchased the timeshare they gave us HSI and RCI for free one year, so we already gave our “registred week” to HSI for renting, and actually we lost money (almost 200 Usd.), obviously I keep making wrong desicions. I have just talked to a SMTN representative who told me that the payment fee (in advanced) is U$d 998, but after telling my financial problems offered a disscounted price for U$d 699…I really don’t know what to do…Christopher: I’ll try calling the resort in order to ask them about a buy back option…but I can’t afford to lose that much money (and that’s probably what they will offer)…any ideas will be much appreciated…thak you for everything so much!!!

  10. Augusto: I have found Tom Tubbs at very helpful. I have talked to him via phone, and he is always very informative. His website gives a lot of info, too. He might can help steer you in the right direction.


  11. Thank you Cathy….the fact that they don’t ask for a paid in advanced fee makes it a little bit more beliveable…I’ll giveit a try….and keep you up with the news….thanks again!!

  12. Hi, I’m in the military and got roped into a timeshare with silverleaf right before one of my deployments. I’m trying to figure out the best way to get rid of the timeshare that we upgraded up too(blue to a red one) since we don’t use it now since we don’t live in Texas anymore and really don’t have the need for it.

  13. I know exactly what you are going through Jonathan, I’ve been there myself. One option is to call the resort and see if they have a buy back option. They won’t usually pay you much for it but at least you’ll be rid of it. Otherwise you may want to consider eBay, they have an entire section dedicated to showing you how to list your timeshare. My only suggestion is that you do not want to pay any sort of upfront fee in order to sell your timeshare. In most, if not all cases I’ve found this to be a complete scam.

  14. Are people successful at selling with ebay? We just bought a diamond resorts points timeshare. And a week later found out we are expecting… now we really need to sell. I heard about SMTSN and was just talkibg to them. They are offering a package for 1500 to sell it. Double of what other people are being offered on this site… why??? And will they actually sell it?? This was the worst mistake…

  15. Stay away from they are a scam. They took my money upfront, and it is gone. They will never sell my unit. I lost it all. Just do your research and don’t fall for their sell pressure tacticts. THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

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