The Emergency Guide for Solo Travelers


Traveling on your own is definitely something everyone should try. You will be able to do exactly what you want, go wherever the wind sends you and can focus on all the great sights rather than having to pay attention to other people.

There are, however, many ways to have your wonderful trip ruined and you should take every precaution to avoid this.

Here is a handful of tips to any new solo traveler so that you can ensure a trip that is free of hiccups. You might even be able to return home with all your belongings if you play your cards right.


First: Remember Insurance

Paying for an insurance is one of those boring things that doesn’t feel very good the moment you buy it. You will, however, be very happy and grateful that you remembered this before leaving since you never know what can happen when you’re abroad.

Have a look at this article to find the best travel insurance for you and keep in mind that when you have this, you might not even need to save up for an emergency fund.

Without a proper insurance, on the other hand, you should definitely try to have a nice sum of money saved up so that you can get home in no time in case something should happen at home or abroad.

You could be able to get ahold of fast cash online as well, though, but this tends to come at a higher interest and should only be used if you don’t have a travel insurance and no money saved up in the bank.


Next: Always let those at home know where you are

While you’re certainly an independent and strong traveler, it’s best to know those you love at home know where you are staying. Even if you’re backpacking and plan on going from island to island, letting those at home know the name of the place will give everyone a sense of security.

Provide them with your travel plan as well, by the way, so that they have something to keep track of.

It may seem like an overkill but it could, in fact, be the last trace of you that your family has to go by if something should happen to you – and you don’t want them to only have the name of the city you left a week ago to go by.


Be street smart

Finally, you should brush up on your street skills before heading out. Dress smart, act smart, and pretend like you belong even if you’re a bit lost. It’s better to head into a shop and ask for directions than to allow a stranger to approach you and help you out; you never know if the stranger has been keeping an eye on you while you’ve been trying to find your way to the subway.

This is particularly true when it comes to navigating those foreign ATMs. Ask for help in a bank rather than accepting help from someone random nearby the ATM and keep in mind that it’s better to be a bit too skeptical rather than being too nice. You don’t want to be robbed, after all, and skepticism will at least give you more protection.

Keep your valuables in the safe at the hotel or close to your body at all times – don’t flash your smartphone around, and trust your instincts. If you manage all of this, you can feel a bit more confident about your big trip – and your family certainly won’t have to worry too much about your solo trip either.

Are you a solo traveler?

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