Paris Hotels with Pools: A Complete Booking Guide

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Finding a good hotel in Paris that has a swimming pool is not an easy task.

With the several choices available, it can be difficult to make an informed decision without spending hours researching which hotels have pools, their locations, and whether or not they are nice places to stay.

Some of this research might already be done if you know someone, you can ask if they know of any hotel in Paris with a swimming pool.

Paris is a beautiful city with the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and many more attractions, and when you find Paris Hotels with a swimming pool as well, it can be the icing to your trip.

When you’re in Paris, do as the Parisians do. So when you’re getting up in the morning to head over to a quaint French bakery and enjoy a croissant, consider going for a swim beforehand in your hotel pool.

To help you find, here are some key points to consider.

The Different Types of Pools at Paris Hotels

The standard type of swimming pool is what you normally see at any common hotel. These are usually located on the ground level or below ground level.

The other type of pool is the luxury hotel pool. The most common type is a rooftop pool that can be found on top of some high-end Parisian hotels. It usually sits above the 20th floor. Because it is located on a high floor, it is a great view if you want to admire the Parisian skyline.

Another luxury type of hotel pool can be found on the side of a building. It will be only accessible through a private elevator and usually faces downward toward a garden or atrium inside the hotel.

The infinity pool is a luxurious type of pool that is not commonly found in most Paris hotels. It is located on the higher end since it sits at the edge of a cliff or overlooks the ocean, where you can sit by it for hours to admire the scenery.

What to Expect from a Paris Hotel with a Pool?

The hotel pool is one of the basic amenities you can expect to find when booking a room. It may not be tremendous, but it will have all the necessary features that you need when swimming or lounging around in your swimwear.

It would have the usual features, such as the pool slide, diving board, a larger swimming area, and smaller lounge areas. Pool facilities include:

  • Changing rooms and showers.
  • A pool attendant who will assist you with anything you might need, including towels, extra beds for floating, and sunscreen. They are usually wearing a specific uniform that distinguishes them from hotel guests.
  • As the pool itself will probably contain water that is filtered and not just open to the air. The chemicals used in this type of pool should be regularly checked so you can be sure they are safe for swimming.
  • The hotel may also have other facilities adjacent to the pool area. It could be a gym, tennis court, or even another pool for water sports.

Consider the Pool Size

The size of a hotel pool can vary depending on the location.

Each Paris hotel with a pool will have its unique design to cater to its guests’ needs for relaxation or exercise. Some pools include waterfalls and other water features to add a nice touch to the area.

The Best Time to Visit The Pool

Most hotels offer the best time to swim during the early morning or afternoon. Some of them offer 24-hour swimming facilities so you can be sure they will always have someone around if you need anything.

However, third-party travel websites recommend avoiding visiting their pools during peak seasons when it is usually crowded.

Look for Paris Hotels that offer a pool and other amenities to have the best experience in the city of love. Lastly, you must consider the pool area as part of your overall hotel experience so you will be pleased with what it has to offer.

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