Why You Shouldn’t Neglect an “Obvious” Business Idea

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Entrepreneurs face so many financial challenges when starting out in business they may feel they are falling flat because of certain mistakes made at the very outset.

Many people feel that they have to differentiate themselves, and therefore they need to have a business idea that is completely far removed from the norm.

But an obvious business idea can reap dividends. It’s about knowing if this idea is actually worth your time.

What are the benefits of having an obvious business idea?

It Becomes Very Adaptable

An obvious business idea is a template that many people will have followed in the past. Case in point: merchandise. Many people will already see what a common business idea can achieve in terms of merchandise.

If someone is looking to start a coffee company, this serves the purpose of catering to a very wide target market but it’s also beneficial in terms of the current discussion around climate change.

Coffee comes in a number of recyclable pouches. For example, you can look at this site to see custom mylar bags that are used in storing coffee.

But when people have a lot of merchandise, it can be a very simple way to promote themselves. Adaptability is crucial in a modern market, and what an obvious business lacks in originality, it more than makes up for in diversity.

It Forces You to Look at the Subject Matter Differently

You can have an obvious business idea but the execution can make it completely different. Not every business idea needs to be original.

But in fact, an obvious idea can be a business idea reimagined. You can start a business that has been done a million times, but with something a little different to appeal to the general public.

And you can do this by adding humor or unique branding. The idea is still simple and obvious, but it just looks and feels a little different.

An Obvious Business Idea Can Still Solve a Problem

Any business idea needs to solve the problem. And it doesn’t matter how unoriginal it is, if you have a great business idea that solves a problem for a certain market, either in terms of location or a minority group, you could turn an original idea into something unique.

But you need to ask if what you are doing solves a need. The business idea doesn’t have to be original, but the market may need to be. If your idea solves a very specific problem it doesn’t matter if the concept has been done a million times.

It Needs to Be Easy to Understand

This is why obvious business ideas are always good ideas because they can be relatable. If you can make a successful elevator pitch with it, you are on to a winner.

It’s always about making sure that you have the idea that everybody knows and loves, but with something a little different.

You shouldn’t have to worry about being original. Arguably, there is nothing original anymore, but if you have your heart in it, this could make a massive difference to the execution.

After all, a business idea is one very small piece of a larger puzzle.

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