3 Examples Why Start Up Success Starts With The Idea


Starting a business is going to give you all sorts of good emotions. It shows when a person is at a time in their life where they’re ready to take back control of their working day, and their finances.

Of course, it doesn’t always work that way. The number of businesses that are failing right at this minute grows by the second. It’s just such a harsh market to try and set a business up in. So often, entrepreneurs invest a hell of a lot of time and money into a new business idea, and it just doesn’t take off.

What instead happens is the business drains a hell of a lot of money, and sales fail to take off. It’s the risk that every business owners take, but there are some ways to avoid it. The first thing to focus on is the idea because it’s one of the biggest ways that entrepreneurs fail.

If the idea isn’t right, the rest of it isn’t going to fall into place. So, if you’re in the market to set up your own business, and want a killer idea that works, just keep on reading!


#1 Hotel Industry

The hotel industry is a lucrative one to be in, and it’s not all of the time that you hear people considering setting up a business in this niche.

It’s rare because it’s so hard, but we know a good place to start. You could start by opening up a small B&B. All you’d need is a nice B&B location, the food and the bedrooms that ooze class and luxury, and top service from yourself. You could have your own restaurant attached serving food all day.

You’d need to use a restaurant linen service for replacements and stock, and a catering company that could deliver the foods that you and perhaps even services. It’ll start off so small that it might not even seem worth it.

But as you build up a great reputation, the customers will begin to flow.


#2 Beauty

Beauty seems to be the route that people are going down at the minute, both women and men who have an interest. It’s so easy to start small with this one and do it from the comfort of your own home.

You could train in treatments such as eyebrow waxing and tinting, and individual lashes, and you could make an absolute fortune from it. Always make sure you register as a business from the beginning.

Some owners decide not to as they’re only doing it from their home. But as soon as the taxman comes you’d regret not establishing as a business from the start.


#3 Clothing Store

This is a super niche idea. Although there are tons of clothing stores out there, they’re all well established and well known.

So you don’t have to start by designing your own clothes. You could be a store that sources designer clothes and sells them in the store. It would generate a nice amount of revenue to build on.

If making clothes is your end goal, it might be easier to achieve than you think.

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