6 Tips and Tricks for Saving Money in 2020


We’re all on the lookout for a deal and, whether it’s on your New Year’s resolution list or not, no one can resist a bargain.

Below, you’ll find some top suggestions for how to save money on your household bills this year so you can save up for something special.


#1 Sell your car

For some of us, having our own vehicle is a necessity we couldn’t live without. But, for many people, it would be manageable to get by without our own car.

Whilst it does take a little bit of forward planning and research to make sure that you get the best possible value for your car, no longer paying monthly fees on taxes, insurance and gas will undoubtedly be cheaper in the long run.


#2 Look into gadgets

There are devices for almost everything nowadays, so it stands to reason there would be a good alternative to paying costly monthly cable or satellite fees.

Do some research into the different options available – TroyPoint is an Internet Protocol Television service which means you can still access all your fav TV shows, just without the expensive subscription service.


#3 Negotiate with your provider

There’s a good chance that your providers (utilities, broadband, phone, etc) are making a profit from people overpaying on their monthly bills.

Calling them and threatening to leave is often a good incentive for them to start lowering their fees. It doesn’t have to get nasty – just simply saying that you’re considering other options as the price has gone up and you were wondering if there’s anything they can do could be sufficient to get them to drop the bills.


#4 Pay attention to interest

Interest is something you need to pay careful attention to whenever it comes to anything financial. It’s definitely worth looking at the interest you are paying over various different credit cards and loans to see where reductions can be made.

Pay off the credit card with the highest interest rate first. Taking out a loan? Look for the lowest interest rate. Whatever you’re doing, interest will come into it so be aware of where there are cuts to be made.


#5 Don’t go to a supermarket unprepared.

If you are usually a fastidious list-writer, but that goes out the window when you enter a brightly-lit, shiny supermarket with rows and rows of stuff, then this one is for you.

Don’t go food shopping unless you’re armed with a list. This involves some careful preparation in terms of planning your meals, writing down lists of ingredients and sorting out your fridge, but you could save hundreds every year in food not wasted. And it’s better for the planet too.


#6 Be honest

If you are in debt and struggling to make the monthly repayments, all is not lost. Remember, these companies don’t want you to be in a position where you can’t pay them back – they are ultimately looking to be paid the money they are owed.

A frank conversation over the phone to work out a reasonable means of repayment could go a long way to helping you sleep easier at night.

Just don’t forget to get a record of everything in writing, either via email or post, so you’ve got a backup.

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