How to Make Your Dog Stop Scratching Your Bedsheets

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If you’ve caught your dog on the bed, you may be asking yourself, ‘why does my dog scratch my bed sheets?’

There can be many reasons behind your dog behaving oddly, and you need to catch the signs before something more severe occurs.

When your dog is found scratching your sheets repeatedly, try to observe what they’re doing before and after to get a clearer idea of what the reason could be.


Causes Behind Your Dog Damaging Your Sheets

Dogs are unable to communicate in any direct manner, so trying to figure out the reason behind your dog’s continuous scratching is tough. You have to observe when they start to do it and what prompts them to stop.

Common reasons why dogs scratch bed sheets are:

  • Instinctively creating a comfortable bed for themselves by scratching their nesting ground (i.e., your bed)
  • Attempting to mark its territory
  • Learned behavior by observing other dogs
  • Feeling anxious or stressed
  • Seeking attention from you
  • Your dog loves you and wants to pick up on your scent, which is most prominent on your bed.
  • Ensuring that the bed is comfortable for them to nestle in

The answer to your question, ‘why does my dog scratch my bed sheets’ is answered when your dog fits one of the situations listed. It may be a hard-wired instinct making them act this way or just because they prefer to do it.


How to Make Your Dog Stop Scratching Your Sheets

While it’s unrealistic to expect your dog to break a habit it has spent considerable time developing, you can slowly begin taking steps that discourage and prevent your pet from damaging your sheets any further.

Get Its Separate Bed

You can get your dog a luxurious and comfortable bed. It can cause them to use their bed instead of yours. You can also give your dog squishy toys and other items that they can scratch instead of your bedsheets.

Engage Your Dog in More Activities

When you provide your dog with ample exercise throughout the day, they may be too tired even to consider scratching your bedsheets. With enough stimulation, your dog may pass out from exhaustion the minute they reach your bed.

Observe Your Dog’s Behavior to Resolve Any Issues

Being observant of your dog’s behavior is the key to determining why they may be scratching your sheets. If you’ve tried several methods without any success, consider getting nail caps that let your dog scratch anything in your home without any destruction or damage.

Consult a Vet

If you feel that your dog has been displaying other odd behaviors and seems on edge lately, they may feel anxious or stressed. You should consult a vet and find possible treatments that can help your pet feel mentally stable. Also, consider spending more time with it to make your pet feel loved.

When your dog displays a range of undesirable habits, you should consider getting them to a professional dog trainer who can break these habits and train your dog. It can help you out with a range of issues and keep your dog well-behaved.

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