Can A Love Of Animals Make You Money?


Very few people would answer in the negative if you asked them if they like animals. It seems to be something of a universal thing; we’re all animal lovers.

Given the benefits of pet ownership and the contentment we feel when surrounded by animals, it’s probably no wonder we’re all such fans.

Maybe there is something that you’re missing about your love of animals, though.

Perhaps it’s not just a personality quirk, something that you can enjoy but never see as anything more than a basic component of life. Perhaps it might be possible, with a little effort, to leverage your love of animals into something more?

Have you had a surprise income stream or business opportunity staring you in the face for all this time?


Think BIG: Change Of Career & Home

If you like the idea of reinventing your life to a totally new script, then you could always consider the outdoors, animal-centric lifestyle.

Maybe you have missed your calling as a farmer, or perhaps it’s a horse ranch that should be where you’re making your living.

If it’s the former, then you could change everything and enter into agriculture or dairy farming. For the equine lover serious about changing their life, then visit for more.

These are huge life changes, but half of the battle when it comes to work satisfaction is enjoying what you do. If you’re frustrated in your current occupation and have some funds set aside, there are worse options than reinventing your life to a more rural, old-time style.


Think MEDIUM: The Pet Sitter

Pet sitting may be something you have done as a favor in the past when friends or family have gone on holiday. However, it’s becoming increasingly popular as a side way of bringing in some extra cash.

Owners want to know that their animals are cared for when they go out of town. Simply put, the best way of achieving that is to make as few changes to their pet’s environment as possible.

A pet sitter is a gateway to this; the pet doesn’t go anywhere and is thus more relaxed.

You can look for local agencies that might be hiring, consider national options like, or just offer your services on online forums and job sites.

Depending on the number of pets and their needs, you could earn up to $50 per night – decent money for doing very little, and get a new furry friend!


Think SMALL: Photography

If you have a decent camera and a pet you love to photograph, why waste the images on your Instagram followers? Good stock photos of animals are always in demand.

This is more of a residual income stream; you might sell nothing for months and then sell 10 photos at once, so you can’t rely on it for monthly income.

However, as far as money for something you’d be doing anyway goes, it can’t be beaten.

To get started, peruse the likes of and experiment with a few of the suggestions.

Good, clear photographs are the way to go; go easy on the editing in PhotoShop, too.

Keep it simple.

Who knows, you might at least earn enough to cover your expenses when it comes to the next round of boosters for your pet!


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