How to Choose the Best Pet Carriers with Wheels

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Do you want to travel with your furry friend? Or, are you fond of bringing them along while grocery shopping or every time you go out? Well, a pet carrier just might be the thing that you need!

Not only does this accessory make it convenient for you to bring your dog or cat wherever you go, but it also allows them to fly with you on a plane.

There is a wide variety of pet carriers that you can find online, but the best options that you could have are pet carriers with wheels.

But to choose the right one for your dog or cat, there are important things that you should consider before buying.


Measure Your Pet

You need to know your dog or cat’s height and length to pick the right pet carrier size. In a way, the carrier should have ample space for them to turn around, curl up, or stretch out comfortably.

To determine the right carrier size, measure your pet’s back starting from their neck to the base of their tail. You can also add a few inches just to be sure.

After that, measure shoulder height starting from the apex of their shoulders to the ground. If you’re eyeing to purchase soft-sided pet carriers, you should add 2-3 inches from their shoulder height. But if you want a hard-sided carrier, add 3-5 inches to the measurement.

You should also consider your companion animal’s weight. Most manufacturers include a list of size and weight limits for pet carriers, so if your dog’s weight is between sizes, you should buy the extra-large pet carrier on wheels instead of the smaller ones.


What Activities Do You Want to Do with Your Pet?

If you want to use a pet carrier for road trips or to keep your pet restrained when you’re going to public places, you need to buy one that is easy to pack, lightweight, and comfortable for your pet.

But if you’re planning to take your pet to farther destinations, especially if you need to fly to get there, you’ll need a pet carrier with wheels and handle which meet airline requirements.

You don’t want to be barred from entering the gate because you didn’t do enough research ahead of time, do you?


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Features That You Need to Look for in a Pet Carrier

Since airlines impose a ton of restrictions on bringing cats and dogs on the plane, these are some of the features that your pet carrier with wheels should have.


Lockable zippers

Dogs are often playful and don’t want to sit in one place for long periods, so you need a carrier with lockable zippers.

Some carriers may have clasps or clips to secure the zippers once your beloved friend is inside, while others can have a luggage lock to secure the zipper.


Location of the doors

The doors on pet carriers can usually go half or full zip on either or both sides. Some carriers have their zippers placed on the top too.

So, if your dog or cat doesn’t want to go inside, an opening at the top of the carrier can be handy.

Having a more convenient opening can also reduce their stress as you can remove them from the carrier when you’re passing through security checkpoints.


Durable mesh

Our furry friends would try to scratch, claw, or bite their way out of an enclosed space in stressful situations, so your carrier must have a durable mesh to prevent them from getting out.

You should also see how they react to being placed inside the carrier a few days before your flight, especially if it’s their first time to fly or being confined into a carrier.



Having expandable sections can be very convenient as they allow more space for your pet during the flight.

However, they can occupy some legroom when they are expanded. Another trade-off is the extra weight that the expandable sections add to the carrier.

So, pet carriers on wheels for large dogs may not have this feature. The expansions can also obscure your pet’s view of the outside.


Washable, sturdy floorboard

The floorboard of the carrier must be sturdy enough to support your pet’s weight. It should also be washable, which is a pretty convenient feature if your pet spoils it and you need to clean it. Some carriers come with floorboards that are machine-washable.

But you can always place a blanket to add extra comfort and make cleaning easier for you when the time comes.



Pockets are perfect for storing essentials, like food, treats, medications, and wipes. If your dog or cat is below the maximum weight set by the airline, these are perfect to have all of these things in one place.

But if you have a heavier pooch, you should leave enough room for these in your carry-on luggage.


Open view to the outside

Your furry friend can be very curious to see what’s going outside of the carrier.

To allow them to do so, you need to have a carrier with mesh sides. But some pets, ones that are shy and prefer to hide, may feel safer in an enclosed carrier. Also, if you’re traveling to a cold or rainy place, you’ll need a more enclosed carrier to protect them from the elements.

All of these features and more can be found on exclusive pet carriers with wheels at


Parting Thoughts

Pet carriers with wheels are very important if you want to bring your pet with you on your next trip.

Not only will your pet be more comfortable and safe, but you also won’t have to worry about being barred from entry just because you brought the wrong-sized carrier.

Having the right pet carrier will result in less hassle for you, your pet, and everyone you’re flying with.

There is a wide range of pet carriers available today made for pets of all sizes, and all you need to do is pick one with the right features for you and your furry friend.

If you want to learn more about pets, browse our website!

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