The Why’s and How’s of Creating Product Packaging That Reflects a Positive Brand Image

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Product packages are an integral part of marketing your product. These packages need to be attractive enough to lure consumers and should be made using sustainable materials. The key to creating good packaging is balancing these two objectives.

Identifying what is essential to your brand and finding packaging that reflects it is the first step in creating a good package.

You want to be extra careful when choosing the right custom packaging for your product because it makes a statement about who you are as a company. Know your company’s values, and make sure that the packaging you select aligns with those values.

It’s also important to know what type of message your packaging conveys regarding sustainability and social responsibility. Remember that this may turn off some prospective customers if they don’t feel their values align with yours.

It’s also essential that you find a creative way to reflect your brand in your product packaging. You don’t want your marketing package to be completely devoid of design. This means that you need to find ways to make your packaging’s original design stand out from the competition.

All of this goes back to managing brand identity and what you consciously or subconsciously like about companies that adopt social responsibility in their marketing strategies. You should remember some basic things when designing your packaging, and they should be considered before you even begin designing.

Purpose of the Package

Create a versatile design with a little extra individuality on each product. Use color, texture, and pattern to add interest to the package without distracting from the product.

When creating a design, choose a cohesive color palette that matches other marketing materials in the company. You can use The same set of colors to connect elements in your packaging with your marketing collateral. However, you don’t need to utilize the same colors whenever you design your company’s packaging.

Next, consider what type of packaging you need. For example, if you own a bakery or similar business, then having a supply of these cake boxes from Packaging Chimp can be a great step toward your packaging needs. Once you have these readily available you can add your logo or some details to your packaging to really make it stand out. Are you trying to differentiate yourself from other companies? Using unique packaging materials will set your products apart

These options are especially suitable if the product you are selling is naturally organic.

If you want high visibility packaging, to grab customer attention and to set your brand apart from the others, stand-up pouches like the custom vape cartridge packaging from The Packaging Lab can be a good option. The right packaging can really help to promote your business.

If you aren’t trying to set yourself apart in the market, clear packaging that showcases the product is best. This type of packaging can showcase your product by emphasizing quality and will usually catch a customer’s eye as they peruse a store aisle. Clear packaging also shows off the shape, size, and color of your products, putting more emphasis on the actual products than other types of packaging do.

Regarding your package, you need to consider how the customer perceives the product. Product packaging is one of the first things consumers notice when they see your product on a shelf. It needs to be of high quality and convey a message about the product inside without taking away from it.

Materials and Sustainability

Packaging should be recyclable, especially when you are trying to set your brand apart from other companies. This shows initiative on your part to look out for the environment. This doesn’t mean you are limited to choosing biodegradable packaging because it is trendy. It requires a little more thought as you design your packaging.

As a rule, you don’t want to choose materials that are bad for the environment. Most plastics used in packaging are not recyclable, so they end up in landfills or the ocean through many different pathways. Vinyl can be recycled, but a lot still end up in landfills in other countries.

If you want to encourage consumers to reuse your packaging, look for biodegradable material that will break down safely in nature. You can also choose recycled-content plastic made from recycled materials, which may require a bit more thought and planning to ensure that all parts can be recycled.

Custom Packaging and Branding

Your packaging is an important marketing tool, but so is the branding of your products with a logo. When someone sees the logo for your company, they should immediately identify with it and have an idea about what kinds of products are part of the brand’s line.

Once you know how you want your package to look, you need to find a company that can turn your vision into reality down to the tiniest details. You can find a company that can create custom packaging within your budget.

You can choose from different types of packaging, ranging from simple paper board packages to more complex spouted pouches. Consider the cost and work required to create your custom package and make sure it fits your budget.

You also need to consider what you can do with the packaging after it is used for its original purpose. Will you be able to repurpose it? Just as your package should reflect your brand, it should also reflect your company’s approach to sustainability and social responsibility.

Your package should be unique and stand out from the competition.

Key Takeaway

To select the right packaging for your product, you need to know what your company stands for and find a package that matches your core values and goals. Consider how the package will showcase your product’s benefits.

See if there are ways that you can be environmentally responsible. Lastly, ensure you find a way to repurpose the packaging and reuse it to save on future costs.

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