6 Kinds Osaka Street Food Every Avid Foodie Must Try

Photo by Ella Olsson from Pexels

Osaka’s distinct street culture draws many avid foodies to this place. Cheap, absolutely delicious, grab-and-go street food is a must-have for any traveler, whether a food-lover or not. The huge variety of Osaka street food is also why Japanese Street Food has achieved so much popularity.

Osaka has also given birth to a new Japanese word called kuidaore, which means to ruin oneself into bankruptcy by the extravagance of food.

Below are some of Osaka’s street foods that make it unique for avid foodies.


1. Takoyaki

Takoyaki is considered the soul food of Osaka and is a consistently popular street snack. It is street food filled with octopus meat and topped with tangy soy sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and dried bonito fish, and seaweed.

This street snack is available in most food stalls with a subtle difference in taste so that food lovers will never get bored.


2. Okonomiyaki

A specialty street food of Osaka, Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake comprising layers of vegetables, egg, meats, and sometimes seafood. This street food will leave any foodie wanting more.

You can choose to grill it as they wish with a variety of ingredients, types of meat and vegetables, and sauce to find the best that fits their taste.


3. Kushikatsu

An irresistible local street snack in Osaka, Kushikatsu is a must-try by food lovers on their Osaka trip. Kushikatsuis bite-sized deep-fried skewered meats and vegetables.

This snack is believed to have originated from Shinsekai in Osaka. A general rule for eating kushikatsu is not to double dip the stick in the sauce as the sauce is shared between customers and is considered unclean and rude.


4. Negiyaki

Negiyaki is perfect as a quick bite and tastes much like crepes. The thin pancake-like batter is loaded with lots of spring onion on top and is eaten with soy sauce. Some Osaka street food vendors also make Negiyaki with meat such as beef or pork.

It is made in different styles, and foodies can have a hard time deciding which one to eat.


5. Kitsune Udon

This street food combines udon noodles and a slice of deep-fried tofu served in a delicious seafood broth.

It is a local favorite and can be eaten at any street food stalls or even restaurants. Simple, filling, and delicious to eat, it is a must-try for avid food lovers.


6. Horumonyaki

If you love to try new tastes, don’t forget to taste Horumonyaki. It is made from beef or pork offal or internal organs. So if you have an adventurous palate, you cannot leave Osaka without trying this street food. You can choose from heart and lung to pancreas, and more whatever you want to grill.

Apart from the above incredible street foods, sushi and ramen are other street food snacks to enjoy.

All of the Osaka street foods are flavorful and come in various choices, making it difficult for food lovers to sample all. Eat to your heart’s content while in Osaka, as there are plenty of places that will give you the best street food experience.

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