Get a Decent Rate of Return by Buying a Home in Tax Sale- How?


Homeownership is a great feeling. But, unfortunately, not for everyone.

Many buyers in Ontario fail to understand that the monthly housing costs should be no more than 35% of the gross income. In such an event, you might fall prey to piling up mortgages, thereby resulting in selling your property.

Contrary to that, investing in properties with unpaid taxes is a fantastic way to increase your net income.

This is quite effective if you have knowledge regarding the real estate market. Only then can you generate the desired amount over time.

Are you new to this? Well, we’ll help you understand everything about tax sale homes. Let’s begin!


First Things First, What’s a Tax Sale Home?

A tax sale is the sale of the properties where the homeowners fail to pay the taxes for at least three years in succession.

So, the city or the country in which the property is located places the lien on that property. So, if anyone wishes to buy such a property, they need to bid against the minimum amount set by the municipality.

This often includes outstanding taxes, penalties, interest, or other costs incurred by the municipality for conducting the auction.


But how to send a tender for such properties?

Ideally, the highest bidder takes the reward.

For that to happen, you must submit the papers in person, via mail, or courier. But for that, you must have an idea of such properties.

For instance, If you are looking for a tax sale property in Ontario, you must find the listings that provide you with the data of land for sale in ontario for unpaid taxes to make an informed decision.

Now that you know about tax sale properties, the next potential question is:


Will it be Beneficial For You?

There are many ways where investing in tax sale properties can help you in the long run. Scroll below to know more.

  • You’ll own a house at a below-market price since the municipality is not interested in obtaining the market value. The only thing they focus on is recovering the outstanding dues or penalties.
  • Since you are buying tax liens, you can make money from the interest, which is usually high. Also, unlike flip investments, you have a better understanding of what you will get in return.

Points to Remember: 

Whenever you buy a tax lien property, you must determine all the factors that might influence its ROI. Doing so will help you identify whether purchasing the property will be beneficial for your financial goals.

A Reminder:

Since March 2020, Ontario municipalities have stopped providing details about new tax sales. Since it’s been so long, you can expect a massive increase in the tax sales within the next three months. So, keep an eye out for the upcoming listing to grab the right opportunity.


Wrapping up

Buying a property with unpaid taxes presents a financial opportunity to the buyers or anyone looking to save money on purchasing a property.

The government uses this method to recoup the money that was left unpaid by the previous owner. However, make sure to weigh in all the factors before deciding on buying such a property.

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