3 Tips to Making Your Workday Seem Much Faster

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The workday can really drag sometimes, can’t it?

When you’ve got little to do, because it just seems to be a quiet period, you’re going to be sitting or standing around for ages just watching the time go by. And honestly? That can be considered modern-day torture!

And when moments like this occur, or you just seem to be having a very slow day at work, for a variety of reasons, it’s clear things need to speed up a little!

So, if you’re someone who owns their own business, and the workday just seems to be getting longer and longer, it’s time to make some constructive changes. And here are our ideas for doing just that!


1. Base Your Day on Accomplishments

Have you ever heard the statistic that people are only productive for about three hours a day? And when the workday is at least 8 hours long, that makes the majority of the workday just a waste of time! Something needs to change, but how?

Business efficiency should be your number one goal here, not the time spent at a desk just because that’s where you conduct your business.

Track your workday in the things you get done, rather than the hours you spend doing it, and think about having your clients pay you in a similar manner as well. Of course, you can factor time in if it’s something heavy-duty, but this is a much more efficient way to juggle that work/life balance.


2. Get Your Computers Checked Out

Maybe the day is dragging on because nothing will go right? Maybe it’s a slow day because all of your office techs have decided to bug out and take forever to load? And when days like this occur (and they will!), you might need to get your computers checked out.

After all, a lot can go wrong with a phone or tablet or computer, even if it’s up to date and uses the latest, cutting-edge technology. Your system can get overloaded, hacked, or simply need a bit of die quick-change & lock-up tech to keep it turning over in seconds, rather than minutes.

And if the fact that computers can get complicated is stopping you, make sure you call a professional technician in to have a look for you.


3. Do Something Else

Sure, you’re at work, but nothing is happening, and you’re just wasting time! So you need to fill this time with something else to do, that’s both constructive to get on with, and is lightweight and easy to drag attention off of when your work picks up speed again.

In other words, it’s time for a new project. It’s time to do something else, and divert your energy, and get twice as much done in the meantime. Start a new product plan, refine an existing one, or brush up on networking or ways to expand your company.

A slow workday can easily be made fast!

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